4 Reasons to Integrate SumTotal with Salesforce

Jul 15, 2016


Integrating Salesforce with SumTotal(sumtotal salesforce integration) has never been easier. Both companies are making their platforms easy to integrate with other enterprise applications, and it is now possible to connect them with a few clicks in a simple interface. The expensive, time-consuming technical integrations of the past are no longer necessary.

SumTotal’s partnership with SnapLogic has made integrations stronger than ever. SnapLogic’s support of Webhooks enables your integration to send small, lightweight updates immediately when events happen in SumTotal instead of the usual large, resource-consuming daily or weekly file transfers. You will have real-time learning updates, reporting, and analytics.

LMS integration puts learning opportunities, tracking and learning achievements in a Salesforce learning tab alongside your users’ everyday activities. It removes barriers to learning and sales excellence with a seamless user experience. Your users have access to information they need when they need it.

The combined power of Salesforce and SumTotal can have a significant impact on your organization by empowering people to take charge of meeting their needs. We have listed here four ways that will help your company succeed.

Improve Sales Performance

Once you complete the integration, sales training, and product training opportunities will live in Salesforce learning tab. By providing just-in-time micro-learning in Salesforce, you will give your sales staff the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge while the need is fresh in their minds.

Your sales team will have their learning progress, achievements, and opportunities inside the application when they accomplish their daily tasks. It removes learning as a separate activity and makes it a seamless part of the sales experience.

Streamline Administration

Insights into course progress and completion for their users give your administrators the ability to assess learning needs and respond to them immediately. Your administrators will appreciate real-time data and capacity to run training reports from Salesforce. They will know what is working and what isn’t, and will bring that information to the people who design the learning experience.

Make Better Decisions

Real-time analytics will give your business leaders the intelligence they need to make better-informed decisions. They can correlate learning data with sales performance and better target areas of need. It will enable them to see the impact of training on revenue in real time.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

Providing learning to customers can increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and grow your brand. Consumers and business buyers now expect instant information on how to use a product, and will quickly switch providers if they don’t have a positive experience.

One of the best examples of customer learning strategy is the Orvis learning center. The company is a provider of outdoor gear, clothing, and fly fishing and hunting equipment. The learning center contains a library of tutorials and videos on every product topic, from how to care for a dress shirt to how to keep your senior dog healthy. It has the most extensive learning library on fly fishing in the world. Orvis does not compete on price. It competes on quality and learning.

Another example is the extensive do-it-yourself learning libraries in the major home improvement stores. Each project has a list of tools and materials, driving both online and store sales.

Manuals for technology products are a thing of the past. Companies now provide online installation guides and tutorials.

We can’t think of a business that can’t benefit from some time of customer learning.

We are sure you will find many benefits beyond the four we have mentioned here. Integrating Salesforce and SumTotal is easy to do, and it can have a powerful effect on your organization. Let the power of integration drive your business to better results.

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