6 Ways to Improve your SumTotal News Pages

Mar 14, 2016

6 Ways to Improve your SumTotal News Pages

SumTotal News Page is one of its most powerful features. It is a blank page web SumTotal provides for us to present news and information for users, but because it is a blank web page, the possibilities are endless.

We want to show you six ways you can use the news page to enhance the SumTotal user experience. What you can do is not limited to these six ideas, but we believe they will give you a start on knowing what you can do to make SumTotal a more useful business tool.


By combining static content, configurable widgets, and communication tools, you can transform  your LMS news page into a personal experience for each user. These elements enable learners to customize the experience to their own preferences.

They can set their own goals, learn at their own pace, and communicate with instructors to personalize the learning process. You can put learners in charge of managing their development by letting them control the activities and content on the news page of a learning management system.

Course Roadmap

Creating roadmap for learners can be very useful tool for balancing self-directed learning with the needs of the organization. You can organize content listings in any way you like, and separate required and optional learning paths.


Social learning has been with us since the dawn of time. Now, with web-enabled collaboration tools, we can multiply the ways people can learn from each other. We can expand the pool of learning resources around the world, and connect an expert on one side of the world with a knowledge-seeker on the other side.

SumTotal provides ways for people to share links to learning activities and to communicate with each other, but you can do much more. The news page can be a hub for learning communities you set up for your users, or you can allow them to create their own. You can create them on your own intranet, or set up private groups on LinkedIn or other social sites.

Pages to Watch

One of the best trend features is enhanced Pages to Watch, a benchmarking tool that allows you to compare your page’s performance with other pages. Statistics include total page likes, new page likes, number of registrations, and engagement. You can compare engagement, registrations, and course completions, and benchmark against peers and partners.

Multi-Lingual News Pages

Ten years ago, English was the language of the internet. This is no longer true. As the use of mobile devices worldwide has grown, users now expect the web experience to be in their own language. Translation services are becoming more available and affordable, and SumTotal is making the use of multiple languages easier.

If you have a global operation, multilingual content on your news page can increase user engagement, and you can use the news page as a way to localize and personalize your content for all your users by giving control to local administrators.

Company Photos and Videos

The news page is a powerful tool for presenting company photos and videos to announce upcoming events, product launches, video news, and any other content. Company photos and videos can be localized for greater impact.

These ideas can serve as a starting point for your own creativity. Visit our blog to see how you can use other ideas to make your news page into a powerful business tool.

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