6 Ways to Make Your SumTotal LMS Landing Page More Interactive

May 23, 2024

6-Ways-to-Make-Your-SumTotal-LMS-Landing-Page-More-Interactive (1)

Your SumTotal LMS landing page can create a positive first impression—informative, engaging, and catering to your learners' needs.

You can achieve it using SumTotal's built-in capabilities. When you do, strive to make your learners feel your team created it just for them, with a quick and easy view of their training progress, upcoming courses, and other individualized information.

This blog will present six ways to create learner-centric dashboards to make your SumTotal LMS landing page more interactive and engaging.

1. Showcase Personalized Training Schedules:

Displaying upcoming training schedules on the landing page helps learners stay organized. The schedule should include course titles, due dates, and completion status for each event. Use progress bars or completion percentages to add a visual element.

2. Highlight Recommended Courses:

Highlight relevant training based on learners' roles, departments, previous course completions, and development plans. Help them find fresh courses that support their career development plan.

3. Feature Gamification Elements:

Boost learner engagement with gamification elements like points, badges, and leaderboards. Link the elements to course completion, participation in discussions., or even logging in regularly. Consider integrating with existing loyalty programs or company rewards for added incentives. Open a discussion in your collaboration or social platform to give everyone input into the structure of your gamification schemes.

4. Offer Progress Tracking:

Increase motivation by tracking and displaying progress towards specific learning goals, such as overall completion percentages, time spent on courses, or mastery levels achieved. You can also display them on their managers' dashboards.

5. Provide Easy Access to Resources:

Learner dashboards can be used as a central hub for accessing learning resources beyond courses. You can include links to helpful documents and knowledge resources, and deploy discussion forums in the social learning tools.

6. Incorporate Interactive Feedback Mechanisms:

Learners can provide feedback and ask questions directly from their dashboards. You can enable surveys, polls, or even a simple "thumbs up/thumbs down" system. Learner feedback is crucial for improving training programs and content.

By implementing these strategies, you will create a dynamic and engaging environment that meets the individual needs of each of your learners, leading to a more positive learning experience and improved training outcomes.

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