How to Optimize Your Supply Chain with SumTotal Extended Enterprise Learning

Jun 17, 2024


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Your business success hinges on your internal team and extended enterprise—your customers, partners, resellers, contractors, distributors, and more. This network collaborates to achieve a shared purpose, relying on each other for knowledge and goal achievement.

Leaders rarely have complete control over their company's operations or reputation within an extended enterprise. Success in this context requires leading through influence, with alignment dependent on effective communication of vision, purpose, and standards. 

An extended enterprise LMS can help promote these standards through learning and certification. For instance, it can provide training modules on principles, standards, and methods and issue a certification upon completion. This supports your vision and purpose not just through messaging but also through education. 

Customer Training: A Pillar of Your Brand's Credibility 

Training your customers equips them with the knowledge they need to interact effectively with your products, enhancing their sense of support. This raises awareness of your products and services and fosters a swift understanding of your culture and value proposition, reinforcing your credibility and encouraging repeat business. 

Scale Your Business with Partner Training 

Partner training offers many benefits. You seamlessly integrate your partners into your culture by providing foundational knowledge during onboarding. Advanced sales training empowers your partners with the insights to boost your sales. Enabling your partners to handle common customer questions and guide them in finding solutions can lower your churn rate and improve your net promoter score. 

Training Distributors and Resellers Drives Profitability

Your distributors and resellers need real-time information to perform at their best. Keeping them informed supports the sales process with product knowledge, product update information, and technical insights. Well-trained sales staff sell more, leading to higher revenue and employee retention. 

Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency by Training Your Suppliers 

Maintaining strong relations with your suppliers is essential for business improvement. Training your suppliers on quality standards, product specifications, and packaging requirements helps them stay compliant and understand your needs. Training your suppliers on business and management can help them handle deals and tasks better, discover new strategies that align with your business goals, and drive success. 

Franchise Training: Ensuring Quality Across Your Ecosystem 

Training your franchises helps ensure that all your business units uphold your values and quality standards and operate as you expect. This standardizes your business across the ecosystem so customers can count on quality wherever they go. 

As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." 

According to a Brandon Hall Study in 2017, "Extended Enterprise Learning: Generating Revenue and Adding Value:" 

  • 40% of organizations generated revenue via extended enterprise learning, with almost one-third of those organizations recouping more than half of their LMS costs. 
  • 56% of organizations said their extended enterprise learning efforts are effective or very effective, considerably better than overall learning effectiveness. 

Building training for various external audiences, each with unique learning needs, is complex unless you have a modern learning platform to serve relevant learning and communicate with each user to accomplish tasks together. SumTotal Extended Enterprise helps you deliver a consistent, engaging learning experience to your external audiences. It supports your entire learning ecosystem with people-centric tools that bring value to your extended team. 

Advanced Admin Features to speed up Learning Adoption 

With SumTotal Extended Enterprise admin features, your learning administrators can gain control over activity costs and capabilities to support your partner organizations, multi-language support, and e-commerce capabilities and create self-paced activity bundles that allow users to access more content. 

Learner-Centric Options to Ease Process and Sustain Interest 

SumTotal optimizes the learning process for your extended enterprise learners, making the entire experience intuitive. Now, learners can manage and pay for content in one transaction with convenient activity bundles, shopping carts, and invoice screens to stay informed with notifications for purchase and content expiration. 

Expand Your Business Success with SumTotal Extended Enterprise 

SumTotal Extended Enterprise will help you share the knowledge and tools your people need to succeed. It will reduce your admin overload, make accessing learning swift and straightforward, motivate your external audiences with user-centric learning when needed, and give you peace of mind knowing all your networks are up to date with the latest information or course content. 

A practical training approach can help your external audiences stay updated with your company's vision, products, and services they need to grow your business. 

Let SumTotal Extended Enterprise Be Your Tool to Train Your External Audiences and Drive Business Efficiency 

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to learn how SumTotal Extended Enterprise can transform your business. Let's work together to unlock your extended enterprise's full potential. 

Your success is our success. Let's grow together. 

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