Is your enterprise ready for virtual reality learning?

Jul 05, 2018

Is your enterprise ready for virtual reality learning?

Identifying the right learning strategy can make a big difference in learning results. Virtual reality is one of the strategies that is redefining the way people learn.    

Goldman Sachs have forecast the education Virtual Reality (VR) market at $700 million by 2025, and with VR being rated the fourth-hottest workplace trend for 2017. In a survey conducted by Ambient Insight, 42% of companies reported that virtual reality training has led to increased revenue. 

Virtual reality environment puts your people in live scenarios and offers them a real-world view of the situations they will experience on the job, driving better learning outcomes in a shorter time. Virtual reality can be very effective in situations where live on-the-job training or simulation is too expensive, disruptive, or risky, like onboarding, product knowledge training, safety training, and soft skills training. 

Here are the few insights on how Virtual reality learning make your employee training more effective and engaging. 

Facilitate learning by doing. 

Immersive learning enables learners to apply knowledge in real time work scenarios in a safe environment. According to the research of Virtual Reality In Workplace Learning study by Sponge UK, 100% of respondents thought they could apply best what they have learn ed when they used VR. 

Improve comprehension with a live 360-degree view. 

Your learners experience a 360-degree view where they can interact with a virtual setting that approximates the performance environment. 

Engaged learning with realistic interactions.

VR puts learners in a realistic experience like a virtual tour with a digital avatar guiding your new hires on your team's processes and tasks, or a virtual walk around of a new product for your sales team. 

Avoid the worry of making a mistake with hands-on training experience.

Virtual reality scenarios allow learners the freedom to fail. When mistakes happen, they don't result in a loss of revenue. Instead, learners can analyse the mistakes, learn from them and apply measures to avoid them on the job. 

Opportunity to connect with networked application resources while learning. 

Virtual reality helps learners collaborate from different locations. It enables them to enter a virtual environment where they can view and manipulate virtual objects together. 

Offer an Innovative and enjoyable learning path. 

Your learners enter a virtual world that resembles real life on the job. It keeps them engaged, increases retention, and prepares them to apply learning in real situations. 

Enterprises are rapidly optimizing Virtual Reality to train their workforces. If you need to train people to be confident and effective on the job, it may work for you. 

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