Your LMS Implementation Success Starts with Collaborative Partnership

Apr 02, 2020

Your LMS Implementation Success Starts with a Collaborative Partnership

You've just secured stakeholder buy-in for a new learning management system. You're off to save the world, or at the least, train it.

Then, you scoured the internet, sat through countless demos, and reviewed the Library of Congress equivalent in RFPs.

Finally, you've selected your new LMS.

This application will catapult Learning & Development into the stratosphere. You'll be introducing concepts that will set the company ablaze and put your sales and technical staff as well as your leadership team in a position to dominate your industry like never before.

You signed the paperwork, wrote the check, and received the keys to your brand new shiny LMS.

Now what?

You have a complex organizational structure. You may not be using the most updated version of your HRIS. Frankly, you don't know how to get this application from concept to a valuable, functioning addition to the L&D arsenal.

That's when an even more significant decision is required. Rarely do organizations have someone or some team in-house that has the knowledge and capability to pull off a successful implementation.

Enter…an implementation partner.

Your LMS vendor may supply a list of consulting companies certified on your LMS if they're unable to provide the service. After that, the choice is yours to make.

Making the Cut-How to Narrow Down the Prospects

Selecting an implementation partner can be as challenging as choosing the LMS itself. You've sold this application to your stakeholders, and your reputation is on the line, so you don't want to falter on this critical decision.

What primary criteria should you take into consideration when making your selection?

You've explained the pertinent business processes and mapped out the overall objectives for your LMS. So, what you need is a company that listens intently to your requirements. When they can anticipate and articulate your needs and discuss how to optimize the functionality of the system to meet your complex requirements, that company should rank high on your list.

Also, do you get a sense that your success drives them? Fast is great—in racing. You don't want a company that rushes you through the process. They may meet every deadline, but the result may be nothing close to what you want. Look for a company whose business philosophy is grounded in a commitment to its clients' vision and needs.

Yes, your implementation prospects are certified on your LMS, but are they technology leaders in their own right? Aligning your organization with a company that has a demonstrated focus on new learning technologies, both inside and outside of your LMS, will benefit you. This type of partnership will place you well ahead of the curve.

There are many more factors to be considered in selecting the right implementation partner, and of course, it's different for each organization. But, if you choose a partner that listens to what you want, works tirelessly for your success, and leverages their knowledge and expertise on your behalf, stratosphere here you come!

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