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Jul 30, 2015


Introduction: Any application, in general, can be considered as complete if it is responsive. Now a days, as we are equipped with different resolutions of monitors, all users may not use monitors with similar kind of resolutions. They differ based on their work preferences. So if we design any application, it should be pretty flexible to fit in any of such resolutions.

This blog shows how to develop an MVC web application which is responsive, using Twitter Bootstrap by considering an example of uploading various kinds of files in document viewer.


  • Create an MVC web application.
  • To make the application responsive, we need to use Bootstrap.
  •  Two ways to use Bootstrap :

Process: 1

Download latest version of bootstrap.js files from the site
The downloaded content contains .css files, .js files and some fonts, now paste them into your application under Content folder. 
Process: 2
By placing the following links in your layout.cshtml page 
  • We can make use of classes that are present in the bootstrap files to make your UI more responsive.
Below is the video which shows how to use bootstrap in a sample application.
 Loading Files into Document Viewer (Responsive):
  • Consider a Partial View and add iframe in it, into which we will load the uploaded files.
  • To make it responsive use ‘form-group col-md-12’ class for iframe.
  • Add file upload control and submit button in the view to display the uploaded file in the iframe.
  • Enclose the above controls in a HTML form, so that on form submit, it calls the Action Method in a controller and passes the uploaded file information as an argument to it.
  • Add the below logic in controller  to save the uploaded file in the application path and give that saved path to ViewBag dynamic property which is a source for iframe.
Below is the video which shows the output of the above process.

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