Maximize your employee experience with an HR intranet portal

Aug 16, 2018

Maximize your employee experience with an HR intranet portal-1As HR leaders and staff you might have to rush to meet the demands of employee experience.  

According to Bersin, Employee experience has become a make or break situation. 

Your people find it hard to stay engaged unless their work is meaningful and the environment is supportive.  

They are likely to lose interest to perform the tasks assigned.  

This disturbs the workflow and blocks the progress. 

Some of the scenarios which demotivate your people are 

  • Long waits for leave approval  
  • Missing to stay informed on pay policy or other crucial updates 
  • Complicated procedures to access data 
  • Unavailable Support in emergencies 
  • Access to general information that might not meet the specific needs 

Demotivated employees are likely to turn down in the mid way costing you a lot.  

Are you struggling to engage your people? 
Trying every possible way to keep them motivated? 

One of the simplest ways which can help you engage your employees and keep them motivated is to have a corporate intranet HR portal with access to content that meets your people needs.  

A self serve that sustains the work flow. Here's a resource to help you get started. 

Get the recording of our Ask Me Anything Clinic  and get answers to your questions on how to build a corporate intranet HR portal and grab the practical knowledge. 

Know how you can automate many of your HR routine tasks and create a positive employee experience strategy. 

This AMA clinic will answer all your questions and concerns you have regarding building or buying an HR portal for your organization. It will give you insights on- 

  • How to get started 
  • How to build a business case for an intranet HR portal 
  • What are the best practices while planning an HR portal 
  • What data sources you need to work with to make your portal offer relevant insights your people need 
  • What are the features that a portal should not miss having 
  • How to incorporate branding in your portal to make the interface user-engaging 
  • Concerns you have while you think to buy or build one for your organization 
  • How to integrate your HR systems with the portal 
  • And answers to all the questions you ask 

You can also grab some insights on how you can transform your portal as a strategy to improve employee experience management, learn how to - 

  • Offer personal experience with tailored content  
  • Save time with access to all employee related information in one space  
  • Relieve HR staff from day to day employee requests  
  • Initiate and sustain seamless communication between HR staff and employees  
  • Personalize on-boarding and new hire experience 

Chasma Place is an independent source for solutions that will help you keep pace with changes in the way your people work without ripping and replacing your existing systems.

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