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Feb 02, 2024


In the last few years, the emergence of new strategies and tools to create more efficient, digital-focused learning has grown remarkably. Looking back just a few years, it's easy to spot conversations about how digital transformation took over company operations. Companies considered moving to the cloud something they "had to do."

Now, we are looking at even further technological advances, not just in how artificial intelligence and automation eliminate tasks, but also in  empowering workers. Deloitte's 2023 Global Human Capital Trends report explains the trend toward a new relationship with technology:

"The boundary between humans and technology as separate forces continues to disappear as new technologies are entering the workplace that not only automates and augments the work done by humans but enhance human and team performance. Forward-leaning organizations are exploring how to use technology to encourage humans both to be their best selves and to do better work."

—"New fundamentals for a boundaryless world,"
2023 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte Insights.

Still, the question is how. How do you facilitate employee learning in a busy human resource department challenged to keep costs down and improve employee skills? One answer is an employee learning portal.

How Learning Portal Design Is Changing L&D

Today's human resource team is consistently looking for new ways to help workers gain the critical skills necessary to do their jobs or improve their effectiveness. Motivating learners isn't easy, regardless of their maturity or skill needs, but a personalized learning portal design makes learning more accessible and more time-conscious.

Learning portals are a gateway that allows employees to gain access to the skills they need. These tools, which come in several styles, including instructor-led training and job aids, enable learners on their journey on the go and on varied devices. They also facilitate social and collaborative learning methods.

The Value of an Employee Learning Portal

L&D teams can boost performance with learning portals. Learning portals help you build a learning culture, and most importantly, they are precious to employees in the job they are doing now and in advancing their skills.

Learning portals can offer a range of resources in various formats to allow learners to choose the method best suited for their needs. However, some core components make learning portals highly effective and valuable to the business.

They can offer personalized, adaptive learning paths driven by AI that adapt the path to the individual based on preferences and learning performance in real time.

They offer a range of learning methodologies, including microlearning that takes just a few minutes for each segment, gamification to keep employees motivated, and video-based, interactive instruction to meet the needs of visual learners.

We can design programs within the portal to achieve a specific learning focus geared towards what training each employee needs.

Using a learning portal is critical to meet today's demand for highly skilled workers. Data from the Society for Human Resource Management's 2022 Workplace Learning & Development Trends report shows that 55% of workers believe they need more training just to do their job, while 38% say they want more training relevant to their current role.


Designing an Effective Employee Learning Portal

Learning portal designs must achieve specific goals for the organization. Depending on the corporate goals and L&D-specific beliefs of what employees need, the most essential features learning portals typically require include:

  • Personalized content geared towards the specific needs of learners within the organization.
  • Multiple learning modes facilitate learning that varies significantly depending on role and employee needs.
  • Multiple-device compatibility enables the training flexibility necessary to help employees learn in a way that fits their needs.
  • User-centric design that makes it simple for employees to engage with the platform while also making it simple to design content for that platform.
  • Online assignments and AI management of the learner progression allow you to know each individual's content mastery.

As you become more digital, providing an effective way to support employee knowledge growth is critical. As AI-driven adaptive learning becomes more accessible, your portal must be able to grow with new technologies. The key is to choose a learning portal design that can grow with you.

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