Staff Augmentation - The Real Resource of Right Talent

Nov 06, 2015


Is your talent prepared to take up all your projects and close them efficiently?

Are you struggling with low budgets, more projects and in a real need of workforce?

Get-off with your confusion as Staff Augmentation really answers your concerns and enhances the way you manage your projects with skilled and competent workforce. Staff Augmentation is a popular and effective strategy that draws in highly skilled and technically competent resources with minimal investments to work on the projects.

Staff Augmentation addresses the following crucial challenges- 

  • The gap of acquiring skilled and competent workforce
  • High recruiting costs and imbalance of Capital management
  • Exploitation of time with long recruiting procedure
  • Keeps the HR professionals off from setting career paths and other set responsibilities they take up in regard with permanent hires.
  • Ineffective project management 

Staff Augmentation is the right resource provider that gives out many advantages, some of them are-




Minimal Recruitment Costs:

Staff augmentation is a way to lessen your recruitment costs. It gives you a clear picture on your economic dealings while you recruit according to your project requirements. As highly skilled talent is hired, organizations have nothing to worry about the training investments. It also keeps you away from benefits costs.

Cost Effective Results:

The process which includes hiring resources for a limited period offers you an edge of staying within the budget and also avoids additional expenses. In other words it's a process where the expertise is hired and effective results are experienced. One of the most important benefits it brings in is the cost-effective managing of special purpose projects, also enabling the meeting of deadlines in time. This process not only creates a focused team but also streamlines all the complex work flow involved.


Another benefit of Staff Augmentation is flexibility. It enables organizations to promptly adapt to the emerging demands and opportunities of the market conditions. With its pool of prepared workforce, it provides effective solutions to fill the gaps in case of inadequate resources. And also the process through which it takes in the talent is devoid of the long hiring process including screening and interviewing. All these avoid over exploitation of time and promotes an unhindered path for acquiring your resources.

Resource Maximizer and Risk Minimizer:

Staff Augmentation aids you in achieving project goals rapidly by maximizing the resources and minimizing risks and investments. It not only guarantees efficient planning on the availability of talent but also gets much done with substantial investments. By offering an advantage of hiring dedicated expert developers or team with adherence to time schedules, it is a strategy leading to reach the desired outcome.

Faster Accomplishments:

And finally it is the ultimate method, very popular in practice through which organizations are geared up towards result driving, and quick accomplishing of projects. It is efficient, reliable outsourcing strategy to keep things moving. In today’s world of ever growing demand for technology workforce, Staff Augmentation is what most of the IT organizations rely on, to intellectually and economically address their project management challenges, in particular with acquisition of right teams to handle projects. This industry with a scope of ever expansion is on its track, to enable organizations with much more efficiency and accuracy transforming the involved processes into ways that positively impact and expand their unique value.

Pixentia Staffing services, accompanied with a vision to debilitate the recruiting load of IT organizations, offer you with an advantageous way of hiring and acquiring the right talent at the right time. With a proven track record of hiring in the field of software engineering domains like Software Development, Architecture Design, Database Management and Computer Networks, it follows a distinctive approach of professional recruitment services leading to quality impacts.

Pixentia is an enthusiastic family of individuals, fervent to make lives simpler through effective use of technology. Our mission is to implement solutions that drives business results. Know more insights from our thoughts and experience.

Contact us today or call 1-855-978-6816 to talk with us about your business needs.

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