Succeed in your Technology Job INTERVIEW

Sep 25, 2015


Succeeding an IT interview is not a herculean task but be sure to present yourself perfectly. It is the right place where your prowess is exhibited for your future success. It's a quick boat which takes you to your dream job. Hence be cautious not to commit trivial mistakes and make the experience a bitter pill. 


Every task in life has to be planned ahead. Acting without planning makes one a fool before the world. Perfect planning is a prerequisite which enables you to perform the best. Remember that fear and care make things worse. A fearful mind never performs well, though knowledgeable. So don’t give way to fear for it may become a factor to ruin your career.

Proper Resume building:

It is the right reflection of your capabilities and competencies. Exceptional resume makes you excel. Having desirable skills and credentials but failing to update may set you back. Thus take time to make out a fetching resume, that meets the market demands. Be mindful that a cover letter must accompany your resume, as that's how it should be.

Be Deliberate & Prompt :

With a perfect cover letter and a resume you’re halfway to your job, but the other half is your performance at an interview where you showcase your abilities, aptitude and talent. Be thorough with your subject knowledge before attending and make sure to be at the venue on time. Hold a pleasant appearance free from anxiety.


Be brief and let there be coherence while you answer. It’s not important how long you narrate but how far your answer meets the question. As your explanation will provide the interviewer with an insight into your thought process, be more logical and creative while quoting an example or an expression.

Be Keen & Audible :

Attentiveness and assertiveness play a crucial role in an IT interview. You should go clear and audible as your voice speaks much about your cognition. Be keen in listening to the questions and then try to answer them carefully. Neglecting this fact may lead to the process of withholding the candidate.

Be Spirited :

Be dynamic as it contributes to your success. In the process of hiring, the employer will look for a person who exactly suits his/her organization. Looking pale and emitting an impression that you are not a healthy competitor to fit in, makes an unfavourable effect.

Don’t refuse to confess :

If you are asked a question which is new to you, confess your unfamiliarity instead of messing up with irrelevant answers.

Don’t hesitate to question :

If you are given a chance to come up with questions, never turn back without any. Bringing forth your doubts and questions will surely create a good impact and fetch you favour.

Groom your skills:

Besides everything, you need to prepare to showcase the talent and skill to fulfill the role you are aspiring for. Know well about the company before attending the interview and make sure you meet its needs.

Prior planning, Perfect preparation, Proper presentation will fetch you, your dream job and it will never be an uphill task.

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