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Apr 25, 2020

Perspectives 2020 at skillsoft

You've evaluated your people data, found your insights, made your decisions, and built your strategies. With an upgraded LMS by your side, you were all set for yet another digital disruption. But a viral outbreak wasn't the challenge you were anticipating this year.

As the outbreak grew into a pandemic, it rendered all our strategies and plans irrelevant to the current needs. And now, all we can think about is how to survive the corona storm and what lies ahead after it passes.

Speaking of our chances beyond the pandemic, McKinsey and Company poses an amusing question.

Is it our turn to answer a question that many of us once asked of our grandparents: What did you do during the war?
                                                   —Kevin Sneader, Beyond Coronavirus: Path to the next normal

If it comes to that, there's tremendous comfort in knowing that things can and will carry on if we can reinvent ourselves and the people around us. But can we still drive our businesses with the same innovation amid the mayhem?

Of course, we can. That's how we've always dealt with our problems. But this time around, it's the pandemic that's rushing businesses towards the next normal, demanding a rapid transformation. Hence, the stakes for uninhibited learning are higher than ever. Now, the onus falls upon us to understand the intricacies and aesthetics of the new normal and train our people for it.

Embrace the Change
To help companies understand the demands of the future and techniques to tap into their employees' inner power, SumTotal and Skillsoft are organizing their annual learning conference, to unleash the inner greatness in each of us. The conference brings together L&D professionals from around the globe in a compelling call to action.

Perspectives 2020
Respecting the safety regulations in effect, Perspectives 2020 will be a digital experience, streaming across five different time zones. The intent is to make this experience as interactive as possible to show that we can all come together and rely upon each other.

When: The conference begins at 9 am AEST on May 13 (7 pm EDT on May 12) and will end by 4 pm PDT on  May 13 (7 pm EDT on May 13).

Place Time-Zone Begin Day/Time Close Day/Time
Sydney AEST May 13, 9:00 AM May 13, 12:00 PM
Singapore SST May 13, 10:00 AM May 13, 1:30 PM
Delhi IST May 13, 9:30 AM May 13, 5:00 PM
London GMT May 13, 11:00 AM May 13, 3:30 PM
Boston EDT May 13, 9:00 AM May 13, 6:30 PM


Who can attend? Perspectives 2020 is an experience that is open to all Learning and Talent professionals, executives, learners, and university students.

How much does it cost? Perspectives is free for all its attendees.

What to Expect in Perspectives 2020?

SumTotal and Skillsoft have announced that the event will feature reputed keynotes and speakers from around the globe. Woven between sessions, the keynote speakers will share their perspectives on learning as a positive force in times of persistence. The line-up includes:-

Tara Westover: Despite being isolated from mainstream society, Westover's quest for knowledge transformed her into one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2019. She was homeschooled owing to her family's survivalist ideology and only stepped first into a classroom when she was seventeen. Her memoir Educated details her struggle for formal education. Bill Gates added the memoir to the list of his favorite books of the year, saying, "It's better than what you've heard."

Shawn Achor: The best-selling author of the books Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage is known for his advocacy of positive psychology. The TedTalk rockstar has dedicated years researching how positive thinking can turn on learning centers in the human brain. His session will focus on how to activate the link between happiness and workplace success.

Dr. Heidi Grant: Your mindset holds the key to persistence, creativity, and engagement. Named one of the most influential management thinkers globally by Thinker's 50, Dr. Grant will explore the 'Get Better' mindset, in which learning is critical. Learn how a better mindset can influence your team and your organization at the same time.

David Meerman Scott: Wall Street Journal's bestselling author of Fanocracy believes fandom is the most powerful marketing force. In his talk, David will reveal the significance of Human connection with customers in marketing their products.

Lucy Adams: Founder of Disruptive HR, Lucy Adams will emphasize the importance of innovative approaches and fresh perspectives in leading engaging and developing leaders in times of crisis.

Other prominent speakers, including Josh Bersin, Neelam Dhawan, Michelle Ockers, and Jez Rose, will share their perspectives on industry-related topics. In addition to these keynotes, the conference  is also packed with:

  • discussions on industry-related topics, 
  • head to head debate sessions on remote work and upskilling, 
  • interactive case study presentations and testimonies from business leaders, 
  • vendor product demonstrations and ask-an-expert programs, 
  • executive tracks and user group sessions, and 
  • free content access from Skillsoft's Percipio 

Unleash your Inner Greatness with Perspectives 2020 

The learning and development (L&D) industry has always responded well to the consequences of changing work cultures. Be it digital transformation, remote work culture, or a crisis, how we collaborate and learn makes business continuity possible in these conditions. So, if you need any help, advice, mentorship, and interaction with learning professionals from around the globe, here's where you can start.

Register todayLet's explore our inner greatness together 

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