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Jul 12, 2023


As your firm’s reliance on technology expands, the need for efficient and effective management of your applications grows more critical.

This is where Application Management Services (AMS) comes in. It’s a comprehensive solution that offers various services, including maintenance, monitoring, support, and optimization of software applications. However, beyond its core functions, AMS has grown into a strategic partnership for innovation. This blog explores how it delivers value beyond maintenance and management functions.

The quest for efficiency and cost control

AMS seeks to improve application efficiency by optimizing system performance, reducing downtime, and streamlining processes. As a result, businesses can focus on their strengths while the AMS team handles application issues. Your AMS partner also provides proactive maintenance services that ensure systems remain optimized and up to date. This allows you to avoid costly downtime and productivity losses.

Predictable costs

AMS also delivers value by stabilizing and optimizing your costs. Partnering with a provider reduces the need for in-house application management talent. You no longer need to worry about what to do when your key administrator goes on family leave or moves to the Azores.


The service operates on a subscription basis that is both flexible and scalable, meaning you can adjust support levels that suit your requirements, leading to cost savings.

Expanded knowledge

The in-depth knowledge of AMS technicians ensures you can leverage it for increased efficiency. They can provide insight into emerging trends, new development tools, and practical application management. This translates to more efficient application usage and rapid problem resolution.

Access to skilled talent

AMS providers employ skilled experts with diverse expertise, experience, certifications, and skills. As a result, you can access a large pool of talent not commonly found internally. They maintain capabilities in application development, infrastructure, and information security. This is essential to add value and respond quickly to your changing technology mix. And, when you partner with the right provider, you gain access to experts with experience handling applications across several industries.


Your AMS provider helps you remain compliant and adhere to regulatory requirements. AMS providers offer strategies, roadmaps, and solutions that support regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and CCPA. For instance, managed security services provide ongoing oversight of HR tools to preempt data breaches and protect employee data privacy.

Innovative solutions

A good provider will meet with you weekly to gather feedback on service delivery and to offer insights into potential improvements in your integrations and workflow.

You can stay ahead of the competition by adopting new technologies, deploying applications faster, and responding to dynamic market demands. Your service can also provide consultation on critical application-related issues, such as data security, compliance, and governance.

Enhanced agility

Your AMS can provide a robust support system to develop and implement application changes quickly, reducing time-to-market, enabling adaptability, and helping you stay ahead of the change curve.

Beyond maintenance and cost control: The innovation imperative

Organizations, like everything else in the universe, tend toward entropy. Left to themselves, they become reactionary and unstable.

The antidote is a culture of innovation.

It begins when you offload routine maintenance and processes to an AMS team so you can focus on innovation. It continues as you develop a data-driven organization that delivers critical business intelligence at the point of need. The goal is a flow of information that inspires and motivates action.

When you deliver that knowledge to your people and their managers, you create the foundation for a new culture.

The road to optimization

The Road to Optimization - The AMS Value Curve

When you engage a forward-thinking AMS provider, your partner will help you create and deliver a well-governed strategy to create a culture based on data-driven decisions.

We think of it as the road to optimization, in these four stages of organizational development.

  1. Stabilized. Achieve optimum operational efficiency with the right mix of in-house and managed services.
  2. Integrated. Achieve reliable data, lower risk, and better compliance with data and integration governance.
  3. Data-driven. Make better and faster people decisions with integrated analytics.
  4. Innovative. Accelerate innovation with data-driven visual insights delivered at the point of need.

Innovation is the currency of success in today’s fast-moving, competitive world. It will give you an edge in penetrating new markets and seizing opportunities.


An AMS partnership delivers value beyond maintenance and management functions to a strategic partnership for innovation. It offers businesses in-depth knowledge, agility, cost optimization, solutions, and efficiency that align with their strategic objectives.

Considering the increasing reliance on technology, a technology solution is necessary for businesses that must stay competitive. If you still need to consider application management services, now may be the time.


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