What are Enterprise Learning Solutions?

Jan 12, 2022

What are Enterprise Learning Solutions

Enterprise learning management is software that delivers, tracks, analyzes, manages, and reports on educational programs. Just some of the ways enterprise learning management is used include customer training, academic education, labor force compliance, public learning, and certification programs.

Can my business benefit from enterprise learning management?

The answer is yes. No matter what service or product your company provides, the right enterprise learning management system can effectively impact your brand.

  • As a car dealership, you can provide a customized program to teach your sales team how to best interact with buyers. You can even keep the program flexible to include the features of new vehicles as they are released each year.
  • Emergency service providers can rely on enterprise learning management to help educate the public. A gamification program the public can access online will help them want to be engaged in learning how to handle situations such as a prolonged power outage or what to pack in an emergency kit.
  • Schools are natural fits for enterprise learning management, especially since the rise of COVID has forced more learning options online. Automating aspects of digital education reduces human errors, enhances program delivery, and is an efficient way to interact with students across the globe.
  • Corporations can use enterprise learning management to inform each new hire of corporate policies and ethics. This can include testing to ensure each employee fully understands the materials, along with issuing a certificate or other recognition once the training is done.
  • Any industry that requires ongoing training to maintain certifications uses enterprise learning management. For example, a certain number of CEUs are needed to maintain an insurance professional’s license. Many of these CEUs are delivered via online training that also tracks the agent/broker’s progress, tabulating the hours completed to ensure the license can remain active.

How to get the best enterprise learning management system?

There are many providers of enterprise learning management systems out there but we, Pixentia, strive to stand out. Pixentia was founded out of the need to provide companies and non-profit organizations with customizable, scalable, flexible, affordable solutions that meet your needs now and far into the future. Whether you need sales training, educational delivery, onboarding, software training, leadership programs, or more, we will design the program you need.

In just a few short years Pixentia has gone from being the dream of the founders to a thriving tech company relied on by some of the world’s biggest brands. We couldn’t be happier to count Volkswagen Group, HCSC, Abbot, CUNA, and Cabi as our clients. Pixentia is here for companies large and small, startups or established, whether you are rolling out a new enterprise learning management system, upgrading an existing one, or revamping your learning systems. We take the time to get to know you, your branding, and your needs and we deliver an exceptional program that increases efficiencies without negatively impacting your bottom line.

We can’t wait to show you the possibilities. Click here to learn more.


About Pixentia:

Pixentia is a full-service technology company dedicated to helping clients solve business problems, improve the capability of their people, and achieve better results.

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