What did We learn at Cornerstone Convergence 2020?

Sep 22, 2020

What did We learn at Cornerstone Convergence 2020

It's hard to keep track of time when you're working from home. It's been a week since our last virtual interaction at Cornerstone Convergence 2020. 

What an opportunity it was to connect, learn and grow our HR community. The event detailed on the challenges of HR in the new normal with the theme of unbound thinking. 

As business aim for complete revival in this quarter, the impact of HR and learning becomes much more crucial for any organization. To help organizations in this direction, Cornerstone laid forth innovative solutions and bold perceptions. 

The two half days of virtual event featured industry analysts, L&D professionals, celebrities and activists breaking down various challenges of work in the new normal. Here are a few must-see moments from Cornerstone Convergence Unbound 2020. 

Liggy Webb | Mark Lamswood | Summer Salomonsen 

We've endured so much in the last six months. We even risked our lives to save our livelihoods and the people around us. That struggle gave us more skills than we could imagine. In a session moderated by Summer Salomonsen, Head of Cornerstone Studios, Liggy Webb and Mark Lamswood named: 

Resilience, Curiosity, Adaptability, Creativity and Flexibility as the top emerging skills. 

Summer also emphasized that these skills will have a prominent role in the next normal and our front-line mangers are uniquely situated to nurture them. When asked to share a tip on how to sustain and harness curiosity amongst people even after the pandemic. Liggy replied; 

Helping people to not be afraid to ask questions. There is no stupid question, that won't open up our potential.                           
                                     — Liggy Webb, Founding Director, The Learning Architect

Emmanuel Acho 

Just when we were reopening our workplaces, George Floyd's brutal murder left the whole world shocked and devastated. Along with the protests, the discussion and on racism and social injustice also erupted sending its tremors down to our workplaces. And just like the pandemic, we were not ready for it. 

In his session, The Uncomfortable Conversations with the Blackman, Emmanuel Acho, showcased the struggles of black people both inside and outside organizations. He answered the questions that may want your black friends, but refrained out of fear. Key takeaways from his session include; 

  1. Organizations must educate their people on microaggression and other forms of racism they unwillingly perpetuate. 
  2. When your black brothers and sisters are grieving in pain, and you don't know how to console them. 
Tell them 'I don't know what to say. How do I share your grief?' It shows that you care and that's a start.                           
                                                                     — Emmanuel Acho, Fox Sports Analyst

Josh Bersin 

Global L&D analyst Josh Bersin's graced Cornerstone Convergence with his research on learning technology market and its trends during the pandemic. His session was an eye-opener, as he broke down the presumptive many notions. Interesting points to be noted from his session were — 

  • During the pandemic, even with the restrictions, we've all become a service economy. We assumed that digital automation is going to take over soon. But that's not what happened. Research suggests that human part of the organizations is still the organization. 
  • Josh introduces the concept and working models of Capability Academy as a means to train people for the future. According to him, we are not training people to attain skills, we are training them to attain capabilities. He also laid out almost 90 capabilities you need for a HR function. 
  • Lack of trust is now a crisis. Josh reminds us that it's also our job to build trust to boost resilience in organization. 

Viola Davis 

Academy Award winning Actor, Producer and human rights activist for women and women of color, Viola Davis made a guest appearance at Cornerstone Convergence 2020. In an intimate conversation with Jeff Miller, she detailed how owning your story can give strength to you during tough times. 

Coming from extreme poverty, being bullied on the basis of color to achieving it big in Hollywood, her journey is an inspiration to all. She says that she owes her success to the suffering she had endured. And believes that positive change happens in an organization when individuals accept their true selves. 

Change is not possible without out struggle and we must derive strength from our scars too.                                   — Viola Davis, American Actress and Human Rights Activist

Cornerstone Convergence 2020 - Unbound

Over all, the event managed to deliver on its promises. With many more interesting keynotes, product sessions, and client testimonies, it cleared the air on uncertainty surrounding the new normal. 

To reliving HR from the shackles of old-fashioned thinking Cornerstone Convergence empowered us with be courage and creativity. 

So, we can truly be — Unbound.  

If that got you intrigued, catch all 40 sessions from Cornerstone Convergence 2020, on demand right now. 

And don't forget to tell us about it in the comment section. 

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