Why I’m Going to Cornerstone Convergence 2019

May 31, 2019

Cornerstone Convergence 2019

It seems that every HR-related conference this year has a focus on digital transformation and the future of work. I’m glad to see that Cornerstone Convergence 2019 is no exception.

Learning and Talent have huge responsibilities in preparing our workforce for changes, but there is much more. Learning to manage and protect our people data and using it effectively and ethically is one aspect. David Toy, Chief Information Security Officer, will give us some insights into data security in AWS.

Another is preserving the human element in work. Jeff Miller, Cornerstone’s AVP of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness, will talk about the increasing importance of understanding and appreciating human dynamics in a Wednesday morning session.

In the training agenda for Day 1, I like the focus on fundamentals. It looks like a chance to build a foundation for meeting the future head-on. The first session on strategy is a grounding in the methods and practices for aligning content with business strategy, and I think the post-training support by Cornerstone Principles is a big plus.

Date 2’s breakout session lineup promises so many success stories and so much learning it will be hard to make a choice of which to attend.

At 11:00 on Tuesday, RTI (Non-Profit/Healthcare) will show how they are modernizing learning by leveraging the power of the Cornerstone Portal, and West Monroe will show how they use off cycle tasks and social feedback to help create a continuous performance culture. And there’s lots more to choose from.

At 12:45, I am leaning toward Tammy Hahn’s session on the future performance, where she will share the Cornerstone roadmap for supporting a continuous performance culture.

At 3:00, I’m looking forward to Elvis Ha’s presentation on the future of the modern learning experience. I want to see where Cornerstone will take learning over the next few years.

I haven’t decided on my choices for Wednesday’s programs, but I recommend the sessions on reporting 2.0 if you want to get a solid grounding in leveraging the information in your Cornerstone platform to manage with data. Josh Schwede’s session on the future of modern content looks interesting, also.

For me, I’m most about meeting people like you who are trying their best to leverage their Cornerstone technology to develop the workforce of the future.

I look forward to meeting you there.


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