5 Quick Tips To Finding Great IT Talent

May 04, 2016


CIO’s are under growing pressure to locate and retain great IT talent. What may be a surprise (or not), is it is no longer that simple as reviewing a few resumes, taking a day out of your busy week to conduct interviews and make an offer.

The fact is that although the result is to translate the general concept into a reality, is not a simple task. In fact, a part of the issue is the looming gap between enterprise requirements and skill availability.

More to the process it takes to recruit and onboard a data scientist than it is to hire a content editor.

The Goal

Although the ultimate goal may be clear, the path in which to reach the aim may not be as smooth as you may expect. Because of the current state of the job market, talented IT professionals are looking for more than the best perks and highest salaries. CIO’s need to understand those underlying desires.

Candidates desire to be matched with opportunities that not only challenge them on a personal level but also professionally. The most coveted IT candidates are attracted to organizations with a solid track record and strong opportunities for career progression. Therefore, we recommend placing your best foot forward to gain candidate's attention by focusing on milestones and recent company growth. Talk about your company’s leadership and marketing position, along with recent investments in technology.  

Ideally, another suggested part to your goal strategy should include planning to overcome unforeseen challenges.

The Challenge

Staffing challenges are not necessarily those in which executives are not prepared for, the issue in most cases, results from the impact of some of those challenges. About 7 out of 10 of HR executives and CIOs report that retaining current staff is a top staffing issue. To make matters worse, the competition is fierce, and the millennial dislike the idea of staying at the same job for a long period. The  best candidates are the ones you likely want to hire however, they are working and not looking. It is also a well-known fact that, a resume does not tell the entire story making it even more difficult to identify individuals, that are searching for new opportunities, with the required skills.

The 5 Step Solution To Hiring Great IT Talent

  • Plan ahead: We offer this as the first step because it is essential to expect the needs of your organization by looking beyond current requirements. We recommend visualizing how the prospective role will evolve, solidifying a more focused strategy toward hiring the best candidate for today’s challenges and those of the future. Planning ahead also establishes a foundation to create a strategy for succession in critical roles. This reduces downtime and loss productivity during unexpected turnover.
  • Understand why candidates are searching: Probably the best way to retain members of your IT staff in the most critical roles would be to understand why people look elsewhere to commit their time and expertise. Top IT candidates are looking for a significantly competitive benefits package.
  • Emphasize diversity: The common misconception among organizations is that diversity is strictly race and ethnicity, however inclusion and diversity have evolved. Strategies that consider the entire person are more successful than those that places people in a box.
  • Utilize alternative recruiting strategies: Besides technology, you can expand your approach with old-fashioned networking. Those who take the time to engage in professional organizations and associations, have done exceedingly well. To gain the most from your networking efforts develop a clear strategy with measures of success to maximize results.
  • Work with universities and technical schools: The face of on-campus recruiting is changing. The typical non-paid summer internships are becoming less attractive to impending graduates. Instead we suggest to sponsor IT competitions, use part-time positions, offer tuition help and a sign-on bonus to attract budding talent. We also recommend to establish a relationship with a professor or the dean of students, who is focused on matching students with opportunities.

Pixentia provides the tools, expertise and advice, all you need to bring to the table is your current situation and the vision for your future. Armed with these two elements our team will complement your organization by developing a solid strategy with a clear expectation.

Pixentia is a full-service technology company dedicated to helping clients solve business problems, improve the capability of their people, and achieve better results.

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