7 Essential Qualities of Modern Recruiters

May 03, 2016

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Regardless of which side of the triangle you find yourself; employer, candidate or recruiter, it's vital to understand how to recognize a good modern recruiter.  Above all, people are attracted to tenacity. Working as a recruiter involves hours of people interaction through networking so confidence in yourself is an absolute must.

Recruiting in the 21st century is in a constant flux of change and innovation. So, modern-day recruiters either evolve to meet the challenge or become a candidate for  another recruiter to help place. Some of the biggest challenges to finding top IT talent include, increasingly high employer expectations, and inflexible job descriptions. Recruiters are tasked with interpreting the must haves vs nice to haves of employers.

Candidates want not only results but they want as few surprises as possible during the stressful process. Their experience matters, regarding referrals and repeat business for the recruiter.

The goal is to create a  customizable  process for each set of circumstances. The ability to avoid transactional recruiting sets you up for providing an exceptional experience for both candidate and employer. This list of the top 7 qualities, albeit not exhaustive, will offer the essential limits from which to set up optimal results.

The 7 qualities that determine a good recruiter are:

  • Become good at developing relationships: The most successful recruiters are adept at building strong relationships. Besides being great at networking, good head-hunters data analysts, social savvy and as efficient away from the desk as they are behind it. The ultimate aim should be to always display an approachable demeanour. If people don’t like you, developing a good relationships is almost impossible, and with the fierce competition there are plenty of options.
  • Communicate and listen well: Face-to-face communication is enhanced with body language and facial expressions. Communication through email, text, and on the phone require a different approach. Effective communication is the cornerstone of a good recruiter.
  • Understand what the candidate wants: Candidates want convenience. This would explain why 77% of job seekers use mobile devices to look for positions, and 68% of them apply using these devices. Candidates want to be nurtured throughout the process and demands to be kept in the loop, hence the need for exceptional communication tools. To enhance the candidate experience, recruiters basically should walk their candidates through process while metaphorically holding their hand. This provides an added level of comfort during the stressful process. Don’t forget to anticipate the needs and questions of candidates and clients.
  • Get to know intimately  the company you’re recruiting for: A good recruiter takes the time to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Through  meetings with the line manager or director and work-shadowing. By spending a few days on-site the recruiter can witness the company culture and individual personalities which helps them get a feel for which candidate would fit in well. The best scenario is when candidates are placed with employers that cater to their needs and desires, it’s not always about the money and benefits.
  • Be patient with expectancy: Things do not always go according to plan. However, solid recruiters have to be patient if they don’t find the right person on the first round and especially when interviews have to be rescheduled. Not to mention when you have filtered out the most unlikely candidates your level of expectancy should stay high because you have the perfect match. The recruiter has the most to lose at this point in the game, so keep your cool and focus on the result, not so much the process.
  • Focus on being target driven and a multi-task master: The recruiting industry is competitive therefore recruiters must be able to work well under pressure. Most of the time their pay is based on performance and they are motivated with incentives. However, the potential to earn a good income significantly drops when recruiters are not willing to put forth their best efforts.
  • Create the habit of ABI = Always Be Improving: Creating the habit to pay attention to all the details takes time. but, an attitude of continuing to become better as a person and professionally will significantly improve your ability to master this essential aspect of your career.

Using innovation is how Pixentia remains relevant in the 21st century. To enhance candidate and client experience,  we use of mobile applications, social media and inbound marketing strategies.  To learn how our streamlined service can benefit you, contact us today.

Pixentia is a full-service technology company dedicated to helping clients solve business problems, improve the capability of their people, and achieve better results.

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