Application Management Services Boost HR Efficiency and Performance

Dec 08, 2023

Application-Management-Services Boost-HR-Efficiency-and-Performance

Today's human resource employees are overworked and stressed.

In a study by Human Resource Executive, a massive 90% of HR pros reported an increase in stress from 2020, with 47% claiming that the rise is "dramatic." Tight timelines, labor shortages, difficulty onboarding qualified talent, and compliance requirements hamper efficiency in every HR team.

If you're looking for a way to get more efficiency in your operations without piling on additional tasks and pressures, application management services (AMS) can provide a transformation that balances efficiency with supporting your HR team and alleviating stress.

A typical HR operation has two dozen or more applications to manage, and the list of applications keeps growing and getting more complicated.

Many teams find managing applications complicated and time-consuming, with many compliance rules and limitations. AMS can save you time and money while improving your performance. It helps you keep your talent moving in the right direction instead of seeking a less stressful position.

What Is AMS?

Application management refers to outsourcing management and support of enterprise applications to a third-party service provider. AMS is quickly becoming a core practice in most industries. Data shared by's Application Management Services: Global Business Report found that AMS will grow from a $34.2 billion industry in 2022 to over $133.9 billion by 2030.

Core to this massive growth are the benefits AMS brings to the table:

  • Cloud-native application management enables ground-up deployment that enhances agility and scalability.
  • AI and machine learning incorporation improved results and performance.
  • Security and compliance improvements safeguard applications and product-sensitive data.

These are at least eight ways AMS is helping organizations thrive. It reduces your employees' hands-on work, allowing them to move to more critical tasks. Several services could be appropriate for your organization's needs:

  1. Application Maintenance and Support. This service ensures applications run correctly, mitigating risks and handling modifications on the go.
  2. Application Enhancement. AMS teams offer an efficient way to adapt existing applications as your business needs change. This helps ensure your in-house IT team isn't bogged down in application maintenance.
  3. Optimization services fine-tune and enhance applications to ensure peak performance and adapt them to your organization.
  4. Application Development. AMS aids in the design, development, and testing of new applications to ensure they meet your expectations. Your team will have access to design and development experts who will meet your objectives.
  5. Infrastructure Management. AMS also ensures the underlying systems software operates at its best, along with all servers, databases, and web servers applicable. It handles monitoring, patching, and security within the system's operations, eliminating the need for in-house IT to manage those tasks.
  6. Application Testing. Application testing involves testing the system's functionality, security, and performance to ensure your software works as it should.
  7. Helpdesk Support. Problems happen, questions develop, and applicants need help (not to mention your team members). That is where helpdesk support comes into play. It can handle queries and complaints and any site issues that develop efficiently.
  8. Managing Development. When rolling out a new or updated application, the AMS team ensures the process goes well by handling the deployment process from planning to optimization and support, data integration, and integration governance.

What Are the Benefits of Application Management Services?

Application management services have many benefits; you can customize services to meet your needs. Core benefits include:

  • Better efficiency. You have the proper practices in place to optimize application management. This will make the entire process more efficient, cutting unnecessary steps and creating a faster start-to-finish experience.
  • Access to experts. Your service will give you access to experts in custom development, innovation, and compliance.
  • Scaling is effortless. As your organization adapts and grows, your AMS team will help you scale quickly to make it easy to expand.
  • You are always in compliance. Keeping applications compliant with evolving rules at the local, federal, and state levels is essential. And because the AMS team collaborates with many companies, they have an efficient process to handle any changes coming their way.
  • Risk mitigation. Many client organizations find AMS mitigates risks, including talent gaps and compliance problems. It also allows your organization to take advantage of new technologies quickly.

AMS Helps Your Team Shine

By teaming up with an AMS partner, you can supercharge your applications and take full advantage of the latest and most excellent tools. This reduces risks and boosts efficiency. It also means less stress and more productivity for your team.

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