How HR Gains Value from Artificial Intelligence.

Dec 18, 2023

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It sounds like a paradox: artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful solution for human resources. With the help of AI, you can identify staffing needs, get more from your data, and use the talents of your HR pros better. You risk being left behind if you aren't using AI in HR. According to Gartner, three out of four HR professionals must implement AI solutions within 12 to 24 months from now to stay competitive.

To discover how your HR department can leverage AI in your many processes and functions, start by examining the capabilities of AI and the many ways you can use it. Look at the current processes and technology you use in your HR department. Looking at what is being done now, you can identify areas where AI could help improve your efficiency and accuracy. Not sure where to start? These are some key places where we're seeing AI value in HR:

1. Always-on chatbots and assistants.

How much time do you dedicate to answering employee questions? AI-driven chatbots can act as virtual assistants, providing the answers your employees need, day or night. They get answers faster; you can direct your resources more effectively by having them check with AI first. HR gains value from AI, and current employees do, too.

2. Smoother onboarding and offboarding.

New hires typically have a ton of paperwork and guidelines to go through when they start. An AI-driven onboarding tool can walk them through any necessary forms and anything they need to know about company policies. It can even set up training sessions.

When someone leaves the company, an AI exit interview, return of company property, and other offboarding tasks can go more smoothly.

3. Performance reviews.

In a large company, you manage performance for more people than any one HR pro can track.

AI can help HR heads track and analyze data to give more detailed and accurate performance reviews. AI can track factors like project involvement, tasks completed, and peer feedback. Then, this information is packaged into a simple report you can use to augment your own observations.

4. Gain an understanding of your workforce.

As HR gains value from AI, you'll find that your worker data is an asset. Research shows that companies realize a $3.50 return on every dollar they invest in AI.

AI can analyze worker data in ways that go beyond traditional demographic and performance metrics. You can use your internal data to identify which skills are currently under-represented. This can suggest training that can help you build up the skills of your existing employees. It can also help you identify where to hire in the coming months and years.

5. Recruiting.

We don't need to tell you how much time and effort it takes to go through the deluge of applications when you post a hiring ad.

Besides analyzing resumes, AI can help you write better hiring ads. Generative AI can focus more accurately on the skills required to be successful on the job. It can scour social media to learn how workers talk about specific skills, allowing you to write ads more likely to fit how candidates describe themselves.

Once your ad is out there, AI can effortlessly match applications and resumes with your current needs so you can hone in on the right candidates for the job. Instead of plowing through hundreds of resumes, you can look at just those with the skills and experience you need. This can mean more time to focus on promising candidates and a better fit for the job.

Summing Up

AI process improvements add value to HR. When deployed thoughtfully and intentionally, AI can make your Human Resources department more human. Giving AI the tasks it does more effectively gives you more time to focus on the parts of your job that need a human touch. This means more individualized care, a deeper understanding of employee and company needs, and a better utilization of your important skills.

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