Create a Fantastic SumTotal Experience with Quick Links Widgets

Aug 07, 2019

Create a Fantastic SumTotal Experience with Quick Links Widgets

One of the most aggravating tasks in enterprise systems of the past was tedious navigation through menus and lists. Sometimes it was like an endless trail of clicks and drop-down menus that seemed longer than the tasks we needed to complete. 

If you are a SumTotal Administrator, you can put an end to the frustration. SumTotal 19.2 is relatively simple to navigate, but you can make it even better. You can enable users to go where they want to with one mouse click. You do that by creating lists of links in widgets you place in your dashboards. 

How Quick Links Work 

What you need to know about quick links widgets: 

  • You configure links by selecting them from lists of nodes (destinations in SumTotal) available to administrators. There are no custom options. Each item is a pre-configured link to a node. 
  • There are three quick link options available: Self, My Team, and Admin, with up to five links each. You can add multiple widgets to a dashboard and create multiple dashboards, so it does not limit your options. 
  • The links provided in each are exclusive. You can’t use links from one group of the three groups in another. 
  • Once you have a list configured, you assign it to one or more Security Groups. If a user does not have permission to use a link, it will be visible but inactive. 

Get step-by-step instructions in the SumTotal Core Platform 19.2 Administrator Guide, available at SumTotal Connect. 

Good Governance in SumTotal Quick Links Dashboards 

Multiple dashboards with multiple widgets are a fantastic way to make one-click navigation possible, but it can get complex. We recommend a few guidelines to make it easier to manage. 

  • The more administrators you have doing it, the more complex it will be, and the faster it can get out of control. Limit to as few as practical. 
  • Exercise good governance by mapping a linking taxonomy the same way web developers create them for websites. Partner with your web development team or your SumTotal partner to develop a standard, flexible grouping of links that makes sense to your users. 
  • Involve your end users in the design to get their input and feedback. This tool is all about them and their user experience. 
  • Make the most of your efforts by using your change management communication tools to promote the new experience. 

You will reap much more than appreciation. Quick links have the potential to remove friction in the user experience, which may impact your participation rates. Try it and tell us about your experience. 

Sumtotal Quick Link Widget

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