Improve Learning, Engagement, & Performance with Gamification

Aug 02, 2019


This month’s Lunch and learn session at our Irving headquarters happened on July 31st, 2019. The topic was SumTotal Gamification.  

Improving workforce performance has become crucial than ever in this digital age. And the way organizations do is by offering training. But what if training does not drive value? 

It is found that the average total loss to a business from ineffective training is $13.5 billion per year per 1000 employees, and forty percent of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year. 

Thus, a quest for modern learning strategies that engage learners is constant. 

SumTotal has been evolving to make work process interactive, engaging with its easy to use tools. And Gamification is one of its best features. 

Well-designed gamification produces benefits at every level of the organization: individuals, work groups, and the organization itself. If you begin your gamification efforts by establishing the desired outcome, you can achieve improvements in productivity and profitability. 

SumTotal LMS gives you exciting gamification features that help your workforce stay motivated and coming back for more.   

  • Gamification in Learn can motivate people towards learning and improves engagement. It can help learners complete their compliance training which otherwise would seem dry and can also foster personal and professional development. 
  • With Gamification in Talent you can reward participation. It can be used to motivate people to participate in multi-dimensional feedback. You can use it to foster a performance culture, where everyone gets involved in each other’s development in the 360 process. 
  • And Gamification in Social rewards participation in conversations about how things get done, knowledge sharing, and fostering a sense of common purpose. 

In this learning session, Sasi presented on how you can 

  • Set up Gamification in SumTotal 
  • Drive Learning, Engagement and Performance  
  • Apply best practices to succeed at implementing gamification 

And the session ended with the success story of a leading technology and data analytics solutions provider implemented gamification for their new manager training and drove the following results 

  • On time attendance increased up to 45% 
  • Online discussions rose from 0 to 95% 
  • Skill port course completion improved up to 90% 

You can watch a recording of the full session by clicking on the play button above. 

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