Critical factors that influence your Product success

Oct 01, 2015

Product Success Factors

"You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long term successful enterprise" - Patricia Fripp

Right Product building strategy makes a real easy  sale   of your product. The very aspect of product building is the result of a critical need to simplify the work of   complex systems or the urgency to do things innovatively to save time and costs. The inception of every new product is the end of every challenge that was experienced till the moment.

Why a new product?

Product, tangible or intangible, is the true representation of an enterprise and its brand. The birth of new products is always the outcome of one or more of the few reasons that are listed below.

  • To reach another level of efficiency in all aspects of life
  • To give a form to innovative ideas that ease complex tasks
  • To stay ahead in the competition and updated with emerging trends
  • To overcome the challenges that exist in the current products
  • To constantly meet the needs of customers/clientele
  • To build uniqueness of the enterprise and gain trust in the market

The process of building a product is highly crucial and must be done with utmost clarity and comprehensibility. Here are a few things to consider while working on to bring out a new product or a service-

Problem Analysis

Analysing a problem is equally important as identifying it. A deeper digging into the roots of the problem enlightens, initiates accurate ideas and planning to overcome it. When a problem appears, then the immediate step has to be an exploration and identification of its cause, then there should be a thorough research on different ideas or solutions that may or may not become a final resolution. It’s always better to have more than one choice of solutions, in other words always have alternatives. Intense investigations are so important while finalising a solution, there should be lots of clarity, confidence that what was decided upon will become a success, and constant efforts to give the idea a real form of quality and ability to address the challenge.

Market Analysis

A right kind of market analysis is something inevitable in the process of building products. Understand your market segment thoroughly, look into the purchasing factors of the consumers for your kind of products that already exist and choose strategies that make your product more magnetic besides aligning to the market trends that reflect the opportunities and threats of the current market. Take time to read the market research reports on your relevant market, which would aid in effectively influence the target customers. In fact you really have to know the pulse of your target customers for acquiring market profitability. And lot goes into it, but all that matters is, know all what is required, be clear when you start, and that leads your target customers to start a relation with you.

Business Analysis

This is never extremely unimportant. It has great role in contributing to the success of bringing out solutions that are nothing but a kind of products or services that an enterprise offers to clients. The folks involved handle projects, research into the real business challenges and bring out real time strategies to enhance organisational performance. Effective business analysis guides along the path of the project, constantly evaluates the progress, offers valuable insights to speed up the pace of developing a product. Business analysis is a way through which, unique value proposition is infused into the products and services of an enterprise, expanding the brand’s value, if it is efficiently done. Thus, it is really important to get hold of a highly professional analysts and keep them at your desk to have timely quality results. 

Product development Analysis

This is the stage where you begin to finalise on the solution that has to be built and strategies that are to be followed. At the outset, there are few things that are really essential.

  • The team must be equipped with all the skills required to get involved in the task.
  • The team must be well off with all the strategies that are to be taken up to develop a new product.
  • Make sure you have all the crucial resources required in all forms Human, Technology, Finance, Literature and others.
  • Have few benchmarks that guide to make crucial decision making in the critical stages of development. 
  • Constantly evaluate the behaviour of your customers.

“Success is simple, Do what’s Right, the Right way, at the Right time” - Arnold Glasgow

When an enterprise goes well in all the stages of product development, right from problem realisation to solution generation, the marketing and sale of the products will become a cake walk, leading to enterprise’s excellence in the relevant market. And you’ll be left with nothing wrong when everything’s done right.

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