How to Boost Social Learning with SumTotal Social

Aug 01, 2019


We know that most learning in organizations is social and collaborative. We also know that the best way to support social and collaborative learning is to remove barriers between the desire to share and the sharing action. 

It’s human nature. If it’s too hard or too complicated, we put it off until later – and later becomes never. 

SumTotal Social makes easy knowledge sharing possible by giving your people the tools to learn collaboratively whenever and wherever they are. 

We love breaking down barriers to learning, so we want to give you chance to learn how to make SumTotal Social work for you. 

Register Today for our Live Lunch & Learn 

If you want to make the most of this valuable tool, come to our Lunch and Learn Session on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at 12 PM. 

Learn how you can: 

  • Help your learners connect with peers and leaders to make learning interactive. 
  • Boost learning through informal person-to-person knowledge sharing. 
  • Support BYOD to improve learner engagement as they tap into their own devices to accomplish learning. 
  • Enable integrations to make social learning available on your enterprise collaboration platforms like Teams, Slack, Workplace, and JIRA.  

Get the inside info on how you can use SumTotal Social to make knowledge sharing easy and “friction-free.” 

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