How Workday® Job Posting Integration Can Improve Your Recruiting

Apr 18, 2016

How Workday® Job Posting Integration Can Improve Your Recruiting

How many times have you found that perfect candidate, only to find you weren’t quick enough to make an offer? Time matters, and as skilled people become harder to find, it will only get worse. The war for talent has made speed and agility in recruiting competitive necessities.

Another necessity is a positive candidate experience. When a candidate has a bad experience, it affects more than just that candidate. In our connected world, it can impact your employer brand, and we know that bad news spreads quickly.

As Josh Bersin told us in his predictions for 2014, “The war for talent is over and the talent won.” Global search firm Management Recruiters International noted in its semi-annual Recruiter Sentiment Survey that candidates are in control of the recruiting process.


Talent acquisition is a seller’s market. Recruiters need all the help they can get.

How Integration Helps

Integration in recruiting is an advantage in both speed and the candidate experience. Workday® provides integrations for all of the services you use in hiring. The service customers use most is job posting integration.

Workday® job posting integrations give recruiters an edge in several ways:

  • It allows you to use external job posting sites while keeping Workday® as the system of record for both the candidate and the requisition. This brings the candidate experience into Workday® where you can manage it better.

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  • It is a time saver for recruiters, and anything you can do to give recruiters more time to build talent pipelines instead of dealing with administrative tasks will help you avoid the risk of a costly bad decision.
  • Integration also helps you use external job boards to target specific candidate population. If you have been analyzing the sources of your best-fit employees, you know which job boards will produce the people you need to hire. Job board aggregators can get your posting out to thousands of job boards, but if you can target your exposure, you can save a lot of time and work and get better candidates.
  • Workday® provides a core connector that enables you to build a changes file you can send to the job board. You will need to specify the fields to send, such as Job Title, Location, and Job Description. You can also build your integrations in Workday® Studio.

Anything you can do to make better decisions faster will help in your competition for talent. We recommend you look at all the ways you can use to integrate Workday® Recruiting with your ancillary services.

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You can find additional information about Workday® integration on the Workday® Community :


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