How You Can Reinvent HR Service Delivery with AI

Sep 07, 2018

How You Can Reinvent HR Service Delivery with AI

HR departments are undergoing a transition – one that aims to offer people the best possible workplace experience. Fifty-six percent of respondents in the Deloitte 2017 Global Human Capital Trends survey are redesigning their HR programs for digital and mobile tools. Thirty-three percent of HR teams are using some form of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to deliver HR processes, and 41 percent are actively building mobile apps to deliver HR services. 

ChatYour people expect a motivating experience in the workplace – one that

  • puts information at your employees’ fingertips
  • makes procedures simple and quick, and 
  • engages them with right opportunities. 

If your employees are not motivated, their tenure is at  stake.   About Forty percent of workers said they left a  company   because they lacked access to state-of-the-art  digital tools   and 58% said they need to work elsewhere  to gain digital   skills. 

The benefits of automation with AI are more than  efficiency.   You also improve the user experience for  your prospective   hires, employees, managers, and the  HR team. Let’s take a   look at some of the solutions being  used in today’s leading   organizations. 

Maximize your HR service delivery efficiency with AI 

AI will be the game-changer in the HR industry, handling many routine tasks with efficiency and speed.  73% of HR professionals agree that chatbots will be an important interface to provide real-time answers for employees, and 39% of professionals feel they will use AI at a high degree by 2022. 

Make AI a member of your recruiting team 

Screening stacks of resumes to find the right ones, finalizing them, and analyzing their behavior during interviews are some tasks that grab a lot of your time.  

AI can analyze candidate profiles much faster than humans, and they are more accurate. Algorithms can capture the emotional intelligence of your candidates using facial recognition and neuro-linguistic programming. You can also get rid of 'unconscious bias', a common human mistake in hiring. 

Improve and sustain employee engagement with data-driven strategies  

Employee engagement is critical. Employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance. Traditional surveys and one-to-one conversations to fix engagement issues will take up a lot of your time and give you meager results. AI based chatbots and messaging platforms can communicate with and engage your employees. They can interact, capture emotions, and help you identify if any of your employees are disengaged. 

Drive performance with personalized development plans 

Your managers need accurate data to plan employee development. Some of the ways you can do this is through assessments, conversations with employees and managers, and reviewing the training strategies available. Then you must analyze all the data you have in your hand.  AI embedded into your L&D processes can offer personal training recommendations and support development plans.  

Transform HR Process delivery with Chasma Lexy

AI in HR is the Present and the Future of HR  

With AI, you can engage your people and prospects with accurate information, ease communication, enhance your hiring efficiency, make training recommendations for your people, and capture emotions to identify those disengaged at work. 

Make artificial intelligence your helping hand for managing your routine workload, so you can focus on the human side of things.  

Chasma Place, is an independent source for solutions that will help you keep pace with changes in the way your people work without ripping and replacing your existing systems.

How You Can Reinvent HR Service Delivery with AI

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