Engage Your Learners on the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

Sep 19, 2018

Engage Your Learners with SumTotal Mobile Content

                    Clark, a sales rep, is waiting at the airport ready to catch a flight. He has some time to finish his new product knowledge training, so he checked into his LMS, only to find that the course is not yet available on mobile. He is frustrated about the real-time availability of training. 

                   Cindy is traveling back to the office after a holiday. She wants to review her training on Closing a Sale before she goes on the floor that day. She checks her mobile to see if it is available. It isn’t, and she doesn’t feel ready.  

When your employees want to learn but have no way to do it, it can kill their motivation. Keeping training accessible to your employees can engage them and help you drive better performance.  

Make learning accessible with SumTotal Mobile Learning  

One of the ways you can help your employees access training on the go is through mobile learning.  

According to a 2016 Forbes Insights report, “Mobility solutions will increasingly serve as a cognitive extension, empowering employees and organizations to quickly acquire new skills, work more and better together, and make better decisions.”  

Create a Flexible Learning Environment 

One of the biggest advantages of mobile learning is flexibility. Your learners can tap into their learning path using the devices they use every day. This is a plus for employees who support you from remote locations. They can access the courses online or offline, learn during their break time or when they wait for appointments. 

Facilitate Learning on Demand and Micro Learning 

Your employees need learning on demand to meet the emerging needs of clients, peers, or team mates. They need to stay updated on the latest technology trends and resources, so they become confident and competent.  A mobile learning app can meet the unique learning requirements of your teams and be available to them whenever and wherever they need it 

SumTotal mobile learning offers users a modern user interface and a flexible path to consume learning online or offline. With user-friendly options, it makes learning an agile experience. 

  • Learn using any device - It allows you to publish learning activities for learning on desktops or most mobile devices.  
  • On-the-go learning - Your learners can download courses and consume offline wherever they are. 
  • Bookmarking - Your learners can start learning on one device and pick up from where they left off using another device 
  • Content management - You can configure the app to automatically purge content completed and passed. 
  • View learning summary - Your learners can access their transcripts to view their learning history.

Engage Your learners On the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

Drive High Performance  

Learning needs to be constant, but time to learn is elusive. According to research by Deloitte, 1% of a typical work week is all that employees have to focus on training and development. That is just 24 minutes a week. 

Mobile learning can help capture those moments on the go and make them productive. This not only sustains motivation in learning but also enhances their performance at work. 

Go Mobile 

SumTotal Mobile application will enable you deliver the tools your workforce needs to meet today’s learning challenges and those of the future. 

  • Make learning more accessible and flexible. 
  • Deliver bite sized learning that enable learning on the go. 
  • Drive performance with learning on demand so your people can learn when and where they need it. 

Let SumTotal lms Mobile be your ticket to effective learning. 

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