Mobile learning takes E-learning a step further ahead

Feb 26, 2015


When E-learning first picked up the mantle from old style teaching everyone was sure that it would be the best way to learn. But the speed with which the world moves slowed down e-learning’s growth. No one had the time to sit in front of their laptops and computers and learn about things.

What they really wanted to do was increase their pace and find ways to do two things at the same time. This brought about the need for a new  system  of  learning  m-learning.  Mobile learning  is  a  bettered  version  of  e-learning in that it allows individuals who are constantly on the go to keep their education in tow as well.

What is M-learning?

The speed with which the internet has grown to be a part of our lives has made it possible for us to keep every aspect of it under control. With just a flick of your thumb and a few taps you can do a great deal more than you could have before. Mobile learning is one such modern invention that allows you to learn on any mobile device. By connecting your device to the internet you will be able to access countless lesson plans and researches. It will also enable online testing facilities and gamification.

What makes it so much better than e-learning is the learning flexibility it offers to its users. You could be on a train or just at the office and all you would have to do is log in on your smartphone and gain immediate endless access. Even if you owned more than a single device you will be able to regularly update and sync your progress on each of them. 

Mobile Learning

This new technology in the form of a simple application that can be downloaded in a matter of a few seconds will change the way we learn. Doctors, engineers, economists and anyone else with a thirst for knowledge can make use of this facility to their advantage. And if you are unable to stay connected on the application all the time you can use the offline facility to download lessons to study up on at your convenience.

This method of learning has proven itself time and time again. You need not worry about having no time to study or about not having the right resources to do so. Anyone can learn with just a few steps in the right direction!  

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