Gamified learning is a creative way to go

Feb 25, 2015


The success of every enterprise depends on how well its internal structure works. With strong motivational skills, it is almost entirely possible to keep everyone on their personal bests. To get to this point, the management requires special motivation skills that will help them improve its image as leader and its ability to encourage others. Many management learning systems are initiating to introduce special learning programs for this cause. A popular approach is gamified learning, in other words, to get management, learn through gamification.

Motivation through Gamification

Gamification in learning and development is the use of creative game dynamics to stimulate learning. Most people relate to the rush of playing games they used to feel when they were kids. This same feeling can be used to encourage management to learn and develop skills on motivation. The games designed for the learning management system in particular are designed in a manner that places the gamer in difficult situations. They must then apply their analytical skills and reasoning to arrive at a solution to the problem. At the end of each level the gamer would receive a badge or points as a reward for clearing the level. 

As the participant keeps clearing levels and moving up he will encounter more difficult scenarios that will truly put him to test. All of these hypothetical situations help them create a strong knowledge and skill foundation which can later be extracted at any point of time and applied to real life events. For executives who have just started out their career or even for those who have prior experience this method can prove to be equivalent to hands on experience in the field.

Learn to acquire 

Almost all of the participants who have tried gamification learning have agreed that it is an excellent way to learn and acquire skills. It has also come to attention that motivation strategies may be developed while playing these games which can help improve the way your employees perceive you and your leadership in the office. Almost all of the traditional methods of training have required management to take a much longer route to get to the end point. With gamification in learning the same can be achieved in a short span of time. These systems do not cost a lot and are very simple to set up as well. Without a doubt gamification learning systems are a much more efficient solution to a company’s training needs. 

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