Strategic On Boarding to Retain Right Talent

Aug 20, 2015


What is the icebreaker that initiates and accelerates the quality performance of today’s global enterprises?

What is the key that unlocks the door of a productive workforce?

The key is Strategic on-boarding.

It is the buzzword in the current global corporate scenario, and it is the factor that controls the potentiality of future success. The more engaging and strategic it is, the more benefits it offers to an organization, adding to longevity. A perfect strategy creates an ambiance of determined employees that greatly influences the bottom line.

On-boarding, times ago, was just confined to a one day orientation of enterprise’s introduction, employees to do’s, benefits details and anything else that seemed essential to be communicated to the new hires, but now it underwent a sea change and rose up to be a key business accelerator, playing a major role in promoting sustainable organizational development.

The transition in this process is a total welcome as it constantly adapts itself to the existing attitude of the millennials(Generation Y) and now let’s consider into what form it has come into and how it exactly benefits the organizations. Strategic on-boarding today involves-

Business focused talent hiring

Gradually it began to initiate the process of talent hiring, it is never the traditional one but lays its focus on the business goals that are to be attained in the long run. The HR team being circumspect, plans the program with utmost thought to hire the right talent, fit to influence the business environment that the organization resides in. From the first minute, the new hires are attended to the maximum and are given complete heed. Thus it has become a talent hiring and nurturing function that steps towards yielding effective business outcome.


Communication and employee collaboration

It has also become a way in which new hires are encouraged to build networks with peers and superiors and other valuable resource providers. It is at this juncture that genial relations are formed among the employees and the new hires through which teamwork and collaborative functioning develop determining employee engagement, very crucial for successful organizational culture.

Engagement and interaction

Now it is an engaging and interactive process of relentless efforts that enables employers to keep up with the new hires, enabling them to comprehend their duties and providing them with immediate feedback, besides keeping them totally engaged and interactive with the flow of the enterprise’s culture. The new hires are no longer left desolated but their visibility and involvement is a matter of high priority, hence there’s a continuous escorting of the new hires from the initial point to the point where they become determined to contribute to the enterprise’s success.

Promote core values

The key of the on-boarding is the promotion of enterprise’s values, its vision and mission. It is the initiator of extending enterprise values to the new lot on the first day. It is a gradual happening through which the new hires learn about the enterprise’s culture and values, building a firm bond. This part greatly motivates and reaps in retention.

Learning and Retention

It implies the process of constant learning, it always aims to keep the new hires to learn and hone their skills to deliver quality results. It entirely focuses to sharpen the learning curve adding to bring out a productive workforce that pull back greater returns in a very short time. Another favor is, the total engagement of new hires with constant chiseling of the skills reduces sudden attrition and rises the scope of retention.

Innovation and Technology

In most of the successful enterprises, the process is being effectively integrated with innovative trends and technologies that act as catalysts in dealing with prolonged processes, enabling quicker ways of completion of multiple operations at a single stretch.

How it Benefits

This entire transition of on-boarding, by its nature of adapting to the current demands, accrues the fitting talent that completely outweighs the investments, operates with targeted strategies that draw in maximum business expansion and ultimately become the promoters of business sustenance.


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