Transform your learner experience and process delivery with Lexy

Feb 14, 2018

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According to research by Deloitte, 1% of a typical work week is all that employees have to focus on training and development.

…… just 24 minutes a week.

With that 24 minutes in hand, your employees glance at their clocks, sensing they have some time, go to your learning portal to work on their development goals.

Then, when your learners need an additional resource or support, they run to the catalog, search and wait for the results.

When they want to know their pending tasks, they must navigate through menus to their calendar to find the answer.

Sometimes they have to wait for the response from the admin or manager to get things done.

Sometimes they are stuck….so they try different things like call or email the support team, have quick chats with peers or managers or go back to their routine tasks.

And learning stops..

Redefine Your 24 minutes with a Chatbot for your LMS

Josh Bersin says about digital learning “It is a way of learning not a type of learning.”

It is more of bringing learning to where the learners are.

It is releasing the wave of digital learning into the flow of work with intuitive learner centric design - effortless for learners to get connected.

Imagine the moment your learners log into your LMS, a friendly assistant greets them, gets them ready to take up their current training and makes learning delightful by providing help at the point of need.

"Hello Jack, welcome to your training, Im Cathy, your friendly bot to assist in your learning."

                       "Hey Cathy, Great. What training am I scheduled for today?"

"Jack, its module 2 in product knowledge training, get started by clicking here."

                         "Sure, thanks Cathy."

Who would say no to a friendly virtual assistance? One that reaches you in time with right help.

Artificial intelligence personal assistant integrated with your Sumtotal LMS can effectively support the learning process right from things like resetting a password to managing development plans.

There’s still more a Chatbot in your LMS can do

Deploying a virtual personal assistant for your Sumtotal LMS can help you provide a friendly instant assistance to your learners, managers and learning staff.Not just a friendly support -  there’s still more...

How a Chatbot in your LMS can Improve Learning

Saves time for training staff

While helping the learners and training managers to avoid waiting for answers, it relieves the training staff from handling many routine, repetitive questions, saving time for crucial tasks like analyzing the current training and planning effective training plans for future.

Assists and Engages learners

Not only does a chatbot assist your people but it can become an element that engages them. Answering their training queries, notifying on important schedules, bringing support resources to their fingertips inspires them to learn. When the path is smooth, they come back for more.

Adds to Personalization

Personalized learning holds and sustains learners interest. A chatbot personalizes training experience with instant answers to learners’ unique questions and alerts them with specific notifications.

If you’re reinventing your training strategies, deploying a Chatbot into your LMS can be one of the options to enhance learner experience and meet the needs of modern workforce.

Click below to get information on how Chasma Lexy - A virtual assistant for your Sumtotal LMS, will help you offer a positive learning experience to your learners.

Chasma Place is an independent source for solutions that will help you keep pace with changes in the way your people work without ripping and replacing your existing systems.

Transform your learner experience and process delivery in Sumtotal with Lexy

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