Engage your learners by going the extra mile in E-learning

Jan 23, 2018

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Determined minds make a difference.Christina McMenemy, being a regular customer of Gaylord Opryland, was entranced by an alarm clock that played light music (a kind that gave a spa experience) in her room during her stays at the hotel.

She really loved the music but missed it so much at home that she was unable to sleep. She began to search for the same clock but in vain. She asked Opryland on Twitter where she could find it. She was disappointed to learn it was not for public sale.

The next  time she visited Opryland, she was surprised to find an extra alarm clock in her room with a note saying, “We hope you enjoy the spa sounds at home.”

This is one of the finest examples of how companies go on extra mile for their customers when they are determined to find a way to connect with them.Just as the empathy shown and the efforts made, met the need of the customer, empathizing with your learners and working towards meeting their real learning needs while building courses help learners overcome the gaps and improve performance.

You just need the determination to solve the real problem and time to map the most effective instructional strategy.

Visualise your Ideal learners and know their real challenges.

Do not just transform the content into a series of interactions, but think about the impact, each element has on the learner.

Empathize with your learners. To do this mentally, walk in your learner’s moccasins. Rather than seeing your learners as a group of people, put yourself in the mindset of a single learner and what that learner experiences.

Some of the things you can do to improve your e-learning courses are-

  • Your learners care about design, so pick up a relevant design theme.
  • Categorise your course content into short bites. Let each focus on one learning objective with self assessment activity.
  • Include gamification, build a relevant story around the study area, create goals and motivate learners with rewards.
  • Plan branching scenarios that put learners in a real situation and help them understand how things actually work
  • Include a repository of valuable learning resources to reinforce their learning process

Going an Extra Mile is Simple

Going the extra mile is not as hard as you think but just a few things away. Set some time, be patient until you get all the details of your project, get serious in work and review to make things better.

This may be one of your best practices but now you might have withdrawn from it, because of hectic schedules. You can resume. To those who are new, the first time, it might be hard and long, but the next time you can fly.

And if we do go the extra mile in creating custom training that meets the learners needs, we can build high-performing workplaces.

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Engage your learners by going the extra mile in E-learning

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