Why Integrate SumTotal Learn with your Enterprise Systems?

Mar 24, 2022

Why Integrate SumTotal Learn with your Enterprise system

As industry norms change in response to automation and the pandemic, CEOs and learning leaders are concerned about upskilling and reskilling to prepare the workforce for an uncertain future. Many of those companies use SumTotal Learn because of its configurability.

Universities, government departments, and many enterprises use SumTotal Learn to help them upskill their people. You can use it for on-demand learning, immediate skills training, or longer-term professional development. Or offer all three.

You can also use SumTotal Learn for extended enterprise learning, such as training for your customers, partners, and association members.

Many firms use SumTotal Learn for compliance training to meet government regulations. The LMS can track training progress, assessments, and certifications for formal programs, and issue certificates.

You can include tracked training data in employee profiles for better insight into individual skills, progress, and learning goals. Those metrics can feed people analytics dashboards to inform decision-making and populate your internal talent marketplace.

What Does SumTotal Learn Offer?

1. Experience

SumTotal Systems, Inc., owned by Skillsoft, is a stable, respected provider with decades of experience in online learning. Its original purpose was to track compliance training to comply with regulatory requirements and minimize regulatory and liability risks.

Today, many businesses and government agencies use SumTotal Learn to deliver training programs from on-demand micro-learning to long-form certification courses.

2. Federal Approval

In March 2022, Skillsoft’s Percipio became a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized product, joining the federal government’s approved cloud service offerings list.

A connector for single sign-on (SSO) and xAPI integration enables SumTotal users to launch Percipio programs seamlessly from SumTotal. Percipio then sends information to SumTotal daily, giving you the best user-driven development and detailed tracking.

3. Product Excellence

SumTotal Learn is among Gartner’s top ten products in the enterprise-level Corporate Learning Market (large firms earning revenue of $1 billion or more). Based on user reviews, Gartner gives it a 4 out of 5-star rating.

One user cites its good organization of different learning modes, whether you need to find a report, activity, video, or person. Another mentions its well-built versioning workflows. Another says it is a good platform for industrial training for any organization.

4. User Experience

SumTotal offers an LMS platform that’s modern, engaging, easy to use, and trackable, no matter what content you’re learning. SumTotal Learn also enables learning anywhere, on their own device. It makes training accessible, on-demand, and even fun, with gamification. SumTotal also has a tailored version of the same app, which lets you apply your own company branding and language to the app.

5. Wide Range of Content

SumTotal prides itself on being content-agnostic—it will deliver almost any training brand or type of content you need.

6. High Configurability

SumTotal Learn integrates well with third-party software to support web-based training.

SumTotal Learn Integration Examples

Let's look at three SumTotal Learn integration examples to achieve specific business and learning goals.

Example 1: Compliance

Through the delivery of Skillsoft Compliance Solutions, SumTotal provides compliance products and services.

In some industries, compliance certification is required by law. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made it compulsory for the pharmaceutical industry to implement those processes following Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

One example of using SumTotal to ensure compliance is The University of California (UC), which needed a system to verify compliance with thousands of training programs.

SumTotal Learning Management delivered Skillsoft Business Skills content to enable 46,000 managers to train using the UC People Management Series and Certificate.

The reporting built into SumTotal Learn enables UC to verify complex compliance requirements.

Example 2: Promote Micro-learning

Learning in the flow of work has become a hot trend for companies wanting to retain employees in a climate of increasing resignations. People like the flexibility to upskill in short bursts, to meet specific needs as they arise.

The term “micro-learning” first emerged in 2009. Whereas “macro-learning” means courses or programs lasting hours or days, where you learn concepts, principles, and practice, “micro-learning” answers a need for immediate help, takes a few minutes, and is topic or problem-based. It is indexed and searchable.

Micro-learning can take many forms, such as:

  • video,
  • micro-copy,
  • games,
  • quizzes,
  • short articles,
  • code samples, and
  • step-by-step guides.

Its main advantages are speed, increased engagement, and better employee retention.

An example of a micro-learning-enabled platform is Salesforce. It integrates with apps, such as

  • Trailhead, for learning how to navigate tools like Sales Cloud.
  • Impact Learn for creating professional training material in Salesforce.
  • Saleshood, for practicing sales pitches through video role play.

Example 3: Use SumTotal Learn for better collaboration

Using specific software may improve your collaboration and enable remote mass training.

You can configure SumTotal Learn to integrate with Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Learning, Zoom, Salesforce, and other software to accomplish these goals.

  • MS Teams. SumTotal Learn integrates with Microsoft Teams to enable a virtual training platform of online classes to deliver company-wide training programs.
  • LinkedIn Learning. SumTotal Learn and LinkedIn Learning integrate for an easy-access, self-training portal. Employees can use it to learn as needed on the job.
  • Zoom. Zoom Webinar for SumTotal enables virtual instructor-led training to large audiences using Zoom directly from SumTotal.

Example 4: Sell training

Companies worldwide sell training and certification to people in their distribution channels and companies in their extended enterprise. An example is auto dealerships, whose sales force and mechanics must be up to date in selling and maintaining the products.

Last Words

There are many good reasons to integrate SumTotal Learn with your enterprise systems. These include:

  • Meet your retraining and upskilling needs with easy access to many learning platforms.
  • Improve your employee learning and productivity through targeted micro-learning options.
  • Improve your employee skills retention rate through better engagement and motivation from modern learning opportunities.
  • Assure your firm’s compliance with verified systems to track all certifications.
  • Improve your collaboration tools for remote training sessions.
  • Keep your stable of independent consultants up to date in deploying and managing your products and services.



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