Knowledge training with simulations

Feb 24, 2015


One of most commonly applied skill in any work environment is knowledge of the work. Without it you will not be able to perform any of the basic tasks set out for you. With the right amount of knowledge you will also be able to apply all of your other skills in a systematic manner which can help you finish your work more efficiently. But how does one go about acquiring knowledge? The answer lies in training and development. By signing up for the right e-learning program you will be opening up to information which is vital to your growth as an employee and also a person.

The first thing you got to keep in mind when you go looking for a learning program is your objective. Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? Are you trying to enhance your skill palate? Or are you trying to improve your knowledge of the products being sold? Whatever the reason maybe you can be sure that there exists a game which runs parallel to your needs. If the case is indeed to increase product knowledge then you may benefit you is through repetition.

Repeatedly playing a game that tests your product knowledge will not only ensure that you learn about new products but also that any knowledge you already possess gets cemented in your mind. Once this happens no amount of pressure or distraction of any kind will lead you to make any mistakes with regards to your products. In order to keep the participants of the game on their toes the corporate may choose from a variety of knowledge based games like a case study or a research based approach or even a customized serious game. The case study game is perhaps the most rewarding of the three where the top players are given special gift cards and prizes like a smart phone.

The serious game method puts participants in a custom scenario which may take testing product knowledge up a level. By applying all the information they have gathered from their work and inferring results from them as well the participants will have gained maximum knowledge on the products. These games and gamification techniques will definitely prove to be a great asset to the firm in the long run. All they need to do is to implement it in all of their training programs and ensure regular practice by its employees.  

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