Gamify an E-Learning Course

Oct 20, 2015


Engagement and motivation are two of the important assests of an e-learning course and can be promoted through effective use of game mechanics like rewards, points, discovery, competition which entirely gamify your course, offering learners a learning path of acquiring knowlege through fun. The following is an elaboration on how we have used the game dynamics to implement gamification an e-learning course.


First Slide:

Spacecraft: When the timeline starts, we moved the spacecraft using Motion path



Considering two astronauts of different sizes, we used motion path for the small image to exit and land, when the time line of small one completes, the timeline for original image starts.

Trigger_Wizard 1.jpg


The user needs to solve the Astronaut quiz, followed by remaining options so we have taken the astronaut in normal state and the remaining options like moon, mars and wars in disabled state. When user clicks on the image it navigates to the respective slides.


Question slide:

First Method:

When user clicks on the option, we need to show the right option and feedback also. So we have taken three slides and based on the answer submitted by the user we enabled navigation to the respective slide.


When the timeline of the new slide starts then the animation of the rectangle, text and the remaining options will have to start.


When user click on next we should fire a trigger to navigate to the next question

Second Method:

We can take two different states of the options- When user clicks on anyone of the options then the state of the selected option must change and the correct option state should also change. Feedback should be in a hidden state until user selects any one option. When user clicks on the option then feedback state should change to normal and animation should start.

Stars and next section enabling:

 When user completes the question in the astronaut part, then he needs to navigate to the first scene and he needs to select the next section to answer.When user completes the questions in the first section we will enable navigation to the base layer and we need to change the state of the astronaut to a completed state and the first two stars state should also change. To implement this we used variable concepts. When we are in the last question in a section we will change the variable to true and when the base layer timeline starts we will check the variable and we will change the state. As well as we need to change the next section image to normal state.

 Adjusting the variable : 


Changing the state of the star:


Next section image enabling:



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