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Nov 12, 2015

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The release of Advanced Reporting was a giant step forward in learning and performance analytics. L&D organization now have much more powerful tools to move beyond internal metrics to analyzing the impact of learning on the organization. The new unified schema (data structure) for all of Talent and Learning applications and the upgrade to the TIBCO® Jasper 6.1 reporting platform make reports easier to generate and distribute.

There are several features in Sumtotal Advanced Reporting that make it easier for you to filter and summarize your data and to deliver the right information to the people who need it. We have summarized the features here to help you dive in and discover the power of this analytical tool.

Domains in Sumtotal Reporting enable you to define the audiences for your reports. They act as a meta-layer on the reporting database to define which users can view a report. You can begin with the pre-defined default domains and define additional domains for localization or security needs.

Pre-filters give you the ability to control in fine detail what users can see by controlling row-level and column-level security. Domain definitions can include derived tables, calculated fields, and data filtering.

Optional Domain Topics provide additional filtering to refine the data.

Ad Hoc Views provide a defined data source for your reports to speed up processing. They can be tables, charts or crosstabs (summary tables). You can easily add fields, define custom fields, apply filters, and set the sorting order. Ad Hoc Views can also be built on ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load) tables or replicated tables.

  • Summarize your Ad Hoc View rows and columns by applying Aggregate functions.
  • Multiple formats are available for exporting Ad Hoc views.
  • Calculated Fields allow you to build additional fields by performing built-in calculations on existing fields.

Create reports using Ad Hoc Views or develop them in Jasper Studio for import into SumTotal LMS. You define the output format, and you can schedule reports to be run and delivered automatically to users.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to use SumTotal Advanced Reporting. We encourage you to get started right away to realize the benefits of this powerful tool.

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