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Apr 22, 2016

How to Create a Collaborative Approach to Measuring Learning Impact

Workday® provides integration with business applications as a core service. It is fundamental to the Workday® customer experience that connections should be seamless and trouble-free.

For background checks, Workday® provides connectors for Workday® integration partners, but Core Connectors are available for both Outbound and Inbound processes to connect to any provider. You can also build a custom integration in Workday® Studio using Get_Background_Check and Put_Background_Check web services.

Background check integrations reduce your administrative workload by eliminating manual data entry and tracking. You also have the advantage of automatically storing documentation.

You can trigger the process from Recruiting, as an independent process, or as a step in the Hire process. Here is an overview of the background screening process for the candidate and recruiter.

  1. The process sends a request to the vendor comprising a set of tests in the package you select.
  2. Kicking off the process triggers an email from the vendor to the candidate.
  3. The candidate completes the forms required in the package.
  4. Status displays on the candidates home page.
  5. The results page displays the overall status, the results of each test in the package, and links to each of the results. Your security settings determine what users can access.



Based on our experience in hiring, including highly regulated industries, we can make a few general recommendations:

  • We recommend you conduct background checks only for finalists or your chosen candidate to limit your cost. Consult your attorney to determine whether you want to wait until you make a conditional offer before you conduct the background check.
  • In your integration, you specify the packages available for your vendors. You may want to include specific types of background checks for certain job groups, but be careful to comply with FRCA and EEOC guidelines by conducting background checks consistently.
  • Background checks for your extended workforce are important, whether you perform them yourself or specify them in your provider contract. You may be liable for certain actions by an independent contractor’s employees. Consult your attorney to determine what you need to do to protect yourself and your company.
  • Have your legal team review your entire process to ensure you comply with laws and regulations in every jurisdiction in which you operate.
  • Employment laws and regulations are a confusing patchwork governed by many entities. Select a provider familiar with the legislation and regulations of every one of your locations.


ROI of Background Screening

You may find some resistance to the cost of background checks. The reality is that conducting the right screenings has a positive financial impact on your organization. We recommend you calculate the value of your background checks and report the ROI regularly. Include direct costs, such as turnover, but also consider the financial impact of avoiding fraud, theft, and other liabilities.

Help for Integrators

For technical information on Workday® integrations, visit the Workday® Community:


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