Why You Need a New Learning Management System

Dec 01, 2015


The internet has become a worldwide learning network. Anyone with a connected device can get access to training on any topic from chocolate cookies to quantum mechanics.

So, if your employees need to learn a skill, why not just let them search the internet and learn it on their own? Wouldn’t that be cheaper than trying to build, or buy training and deliver it to them?

How much is their time worth as they are checking their Twitter feeds, posting their thoughts to Facebook, or watching monkey videos?

Let's face it. If you have employees, you need a learning management system or LMS. If there are only four employees, it can be a spiral notebook. But if managing your training has become a burden, it may be time to think about an new learning management system.

Outgrown your Current System?

Perhaps you have outgrown your learning application. Do you find yourself spending more time working around it than actually using it? Maybe it is time to upgrade.

Whether you are seeking an LMS for the first time or need to upgrade, a new system can save you time and money.

The Benefits

Time and Travel. If you pay travel expenses for instructors to visit remote locations, the ability to deliver training simultaneously to many places at once will save on costs. Virtual classrooms are now the standard for learning management. Plus, you have the bonus of recording training sessions to replay on demand.

Administration. The training management tools in today’s learning applications make administration much easier. With electronic registration, automatic reminders, and electronic check-in, attendance tracking becomes a breeze. Some systems even enable you to send attendance reports automatically to regulatory agencies. Required training is easy to manage, with the ability to generate recertification notifications and track compliance.

Curriculum Management. An LMS is a complete content management system optimized for training delivery. You can deliver any content from a live instructor to a mobile app anywhere people can connect to the internet. Systems provide the capability to store different versions of the same content and to handle multiple languages. It is even possible to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store content closer to remote locations for a faster response over the internet.

Easy Upgrades. LMS vendors update their software frequently, and upgrades are almost always included in the service. Updates are usually automatic, but you can usually decide whether or when to enable new features.


Go Beyond Cost Savings

There is much more to the value of a top-tier learning management system than cost savings and efficiency. Used well, an LMS can become a dynamic force driving the success of your business. Let’s look at some of the ways that can happen.

Mobile Learning

Today’s learning management systems work on many types of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and even wearable devices. Imagine your sales reps being able to learn about new products on the go.

An Engaging User Experience

New learning environments create a user experience that makes people want to use it. You have many opportunities to draw people into the learning environment and make the experience one they want to repeat.

Display news relevant to each user, achievement badges, and progress meters on an individualized learning portal.

Provide interactive communication tools so learners can network with each other to form learning communities. Peer-to-peer learning is the most training method, and you can provide the tools to make it possible.

Reporting and Analytics

Today’s LMS has robust reporting capabilities, and the best providers give you analytical tools to measure the business impact of your learning activities. You will be able to graduate from merely tracking activities to measuring real results.

Not Just for Employees

Clients have improved their business results by using their LMS applications for people outside their worker groups.

Retail Customers can learn about products and then be connected to a local dealer who can meet their needs.

Dealers and other retailers learn detailed information about new products so they can increase their sales.

E-commerce customers can purchase training products in the learning management system and start using them immediately.


Whether you need a simple LMS to help you with the administration or a complete end-to-end solution, a new cloud-based learning management system can help your business succeed.

Before you go…

If your employees like using YouTube or other internet resources, you can bring them into your learning application. It will remove the distractions.

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