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May 06, 2019

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Are your learners’ needs beyond the capabilities of your current training methods? 

After the evolution of gamification, mobile learning, virtual reality, and adaptive learning, are you still training your employees the old way? 

Inadequate training gives you meagre results. The average total loss to a business from ineffective training is $13.5 billion per year per 1000 employees, and forty percent of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year. 

Let’s take a look at how modern training methods can help. 

Modernize your employee training to build a future-ready workforce 

Modern training methods are digital, interactive and, on top of all, personal. They create interest by enabling learners to access resources quickly, offering social collaboration to share knowledge, and adapting to learners' interests and needs.  

With a few updates, you not only make learning delightful, but can transform the whole process into a meaningful endeavor, right from initiating learning to enticing them to come back for more. 

Offer a continuous learning culture  

By the year 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. They have different goals and needs from their predecessors — not because they are fundamentally different, but because they have had a different experience. They will be the ones to lead generations and follow. 

Your people seek a continuous learning culture where they learn through education, experience, environment, and exposure. Learning trends like micro learning, social learning, augmented reality, simulations, adaptive learning, gamification, etc., can engage your people with a continuous learning culture.  

Bringing learning into the flow of work, these methods enable your people to  

Above all, create an organization wide conversation that learning is not only valued, but expected. 

Not just learning — effective measuring too 

You get to track and measure your training effectively when you modernize. 

Major LMS and learning content providers are adopting xAPI to measure their employee learning results. It is a specific API standard built to capture human experiences in a format both machines and people can read. xAPI offers the flexibility where your learners can access the materials anytime and in any location. 

xAPI tracks your learner activity, experiences in a specific format that you can use to analyze and plan future projects. You can gain a better understanding of your mentoring programs, capture how social learning happens in your enterprise, and integrate all the ways people learn and perform on the job.  

By tracking the training and measuring the performance, you can assess how your employees perceive training, their learning curve and how well they apply it at work. You can get an insightful picture of the entire learning cycle of each employee as you dig into  

  • time taken to complete the course, 
  • number of attempts taken to complete the course, 
  • assessments scores, and 
  • employee performance post-training. 

The bonus is if your employees don’t meet their performance goals, you can revise their training plan and revisit the learning 

Attend to the unique personal needs of your learners 

If you offer a “one-size-fits-all” training to your employees, you cannot tap into the collective potential of your workforce.  Your employees' interests and preferences may differ, and each learn at their own pace. The only way you can offset this challenge is to offer a personalized learning experience.  

Personalization has become the heart of consumer experience and it is already prevalent in social media networks or e-commerce sites. And because it’s so common that your employees expect it in their training as well.  

Personalization of corporate training helps them set their own learning goals, choose their own pace, and select their learning experience (audio, video, etc.)  

You can also conduct a pre-assessment to analyze the baseline proficiency of your employee and then deliver a personalized learning path based on competency levels.  

Step towards Modernized Employee Training 

Don’t just follow trends. Upskill your workforce for a challenging tomorrow. Modernizing your corporate training 

  • offers a continuous learning culture where your employees imbibe learning while applying it at work, 
  • to measure, evaluate, track your employee learning capabilities and revise training plan according to the outcomes, and 
  • improve learning experience one employee at a time and tap to the collective potential of your workforce. 

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