Why are Learning Journals Important?

Apr 29, 2016

Why are Learning Journals Important

“We do not learn from experience … We learn from reflecting on experience.”- John Dewey.

Learning journals in online courses offer learners with space to make notes, reflect on things learnt, react on various business scenarios etc, making learning truly learner-centric. Learners can store and access the journals created while learning, to gain a quick overall view of the things learnt. Learners can also use these journals for various purposes according to their need.

This week’s E-learning Challenge is to show how learning journals and note-taking can be used in e-learning courses. So, we put out a visually attractive interaction, where learners are enabled to create journals one after another at their convenience and save them.


We‘ve come up with a window like screen with two parts; one carrying the content and another to display three learning journals with a bin below to save. To enhance more from the design perspective, we’ve used a dark color wooden background and used a contrast color to draw learners attention for interaction.


Using Articulate Storyline, we have come up with this short interaction on the use of learning journals that offer learners a more effective and reflective learning experience.

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