How to gain from gamification in the long run

Feb 23, 2015


It is said that the best way to learn is to learn from your mistakes. This is absolutely fine while you are at college or interning but in a real work environment there will be no room for errors. Every misstep could cost you dearly and is not at all worth the learning experience. But to learn you must challenge yourself and to challenge yourself the only thing you can do is to place yourself in a simulated environment. These make-believe worlds will give you the freedom to learn from trial and error.

  • The science behind gamification : another reason why people don’t make a lot of mistakes is because they avoid any situation that will put them under the spotlight. With the help of gamification in learning it will be possible to coax these same people out of their shell and motivate them to try new things and learn from their experiences.png_270x321_ebook-1





  • Learning that truly engages your attention: once you have had a chance to try these simulated games you will be able to interact with the game itself and also other employees who you are playing against. This interaction is what makes the entire process fun and engaging. The more you play the more joy you find in the learning process.
  • Retaining knowledge: learning should not just end when the game is finished but must go beyond that into the real world. Only when knowledge and skills acquired through this process are retained and applied in a real life scenario can they truly be a successful endeavor.
  • User friendly: all of the games that were designed to stimulate and encourage the human mind to grow and learn were created with a particular purpose. None of these games are hard to play. No matter what age group you fall under you can be sure that these learning techniques can be used.

Whether you are a student just grasping the basics of life or an adult working for a large corporate deep down inside you want to broaden your skills. The only problem is that you are not familiar with the ways of achieving it. Through interactive gaming and learning you can do this and a whole lot more. As long as you have your goals in sight you can set out to achieving them by clearly one round after the other and winning rewards!

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